Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Apple’s AirTag is Hugely Discounted at 14% Off Its Price

Smart trackers like the Apple AirTag give you peace of mind by easily finding lost belongings. Surprisingly, Amazon now has the iPhone-maker’s only tracker on sale. The Apple AirTag that usually costs $29 returns to $25 after a steep 14 percent price reduction.

Since the launch of the AirTag (review), Apple’s been selling the single along with the four-pack bundle at the retailer. The former is actually pricier if compared to the cost you would be paying for each tag from the set. Likewise, the current discount makes the single AirTag a compelling buy for those needing only to track one belonging or even a pet rather than multiple items.

Why the Apple AirTag is a must-have smart accessory for iPhone users

The Apple AirTag is a miniature tracker just a midge wider than a quarter coin. Its thin disc form makes it easier to be hooked along with many of your keys or when you slide it into one of the luggage’s inner pockets. But you can also accessorize it using a loop or holder and Apple does make some fancy options, such as the leather-made we featured before.

When it comes to its actual use, the AirTag has advanced features. It uses both Bluetooth LE and the more reliable ultra-wideband connectivity. For instance, a user can pinpoint the tracker’s location on an augmented reality-based interface of the Find My app for iPhones or through the AirTag emitting sounds in nearby locations.

Apple AirTags location displayed on an iPhone screen
The Apple Find My app can give you a turn-by-turn location or show coordinates of the AirTag on your iPhone. / © NextPit

At the same time, tracking it from distant places and across countries still works. Evidently, many users are also starting to rely on AirTag’s abilities as a replacement for GPS in vehicles after the rise of car napping. And in terms of protecting yourself from being spied on or tracked, there’s an upcoming feature that will notify a user when there is an unwanted smart tag around his perimeter.

Are you also using smart tags? Which brands of trackers do you recommend? Share with us your answers in the comments.


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