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Apple’s First iPhone Ultra May Bring the Thinnest Design Yet

The rear camera design of the iPhone has become an iconic statement but it has also remained largely unchanged for many years. A fresh rumor in the wild suggests this could finally change in the iPhone 17, at least for one new particular iPhone model that will feature a significant makeover.

The first iPhone Ultra with a brand-new design?

Based on a from The Information, there is now industry chatter about Apple releasing an all-new and more premium iPhone 17 model that is dubbed as the ‘iPhone Slim’ that will sit above the Pro Max. This naming convention is not likely to be final and will most probably change given there was a previous report of another Slim model that will replace the iPhone 17 Plus.

Likewise, this new iPhone model will be more comparable to the iPhone Ultra we’ve heard of since 2022 but didn’t materialize in the iPhone 14 and last year’s iPhone 15 (review) series as opposed to one that carries a Slim label.

As for the other details, the ultra-premium iPhone 17 is said to feature the thinnest form factorin the entire range. Interestingly enough, it was highlighted to use an aluminum chassis similar to the OLED iPad Pro to achieve an amazing thin design (are we reverting to Jonny Ive’s era, Apple?), which should ditch the titanium frame and glass back panel.

In addition, the device is expected to feature a redesigned rear camera module that will be exclusive. This was described as having the cameras positioned at the top center contrary to the upper left corner position of the current iPhone generation.

Samsung Galaxy S10+
The rumored ‘iPhone 17 Slim’ may feature a redesigned camera module at the back similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10+. / © nextpit

Based on what we know, the device may resemble the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a horizontal island housing the camera sensors, or perhaps the OnePlus 8 with a centered vertical camera layout at the back. Either way, this is shaping up as the biggest overhaul in the iPhone design since the iPhone X was introduced.

Another noteworthy iteration mentioned was the inclusion of a smaller Dynamic Island, which is said to incorporate a new “improved front-facing camera.” It was added that this cutout will remain in a display with a diagonal measurement between 6.1 to 6.7-inches, which will most likely be exactly 6.5-inches if it were to be based on a different rumor.

Based on what we have heard, rumors about the iPhone 17 range are becoming more convoluted while also adding exciting developments. In addition, we are still more than a year from the expected launch of the iPhone 17, so a lot could still happen along the way.

What do you think of these new details concerning the all-new iPhone with such massive changes? Are you holding off your next iPhone purchase until next year? We’re eager to hear your opinion.

Via: 9to5Mac
The Information


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