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Apple’s Foldable MacBook Could Cost as Much as the Vision Pro

There were rumors that Apple’s first foldable device will be a hybrid between a MacBook and an iPad, which could be an all-screen laptop and extra large tablet rolled into one. After months without hearing an update about this device, two new rumors are now circulating, shedding more light on the launch date and some key features of the Apple foldable MacBook.

First, Ming-Chi Kuo published his latest forecasts on Medium about the foldable MacBook. The forecasts highlighted Apple’s plan to pick a 20.2-inch main flexible screen, but it also mentioned the Cupertino company could go with a smaller 18.8-inch screen estate.

Shortly after Kuo’s report, display analyst Ross Young chimed in via X. According to him, Apple is likely to select the 18.8-inch format to create a sleeker and more compact build. On this note, the size would also be comparable to a conventional 13-inch MacBook laptop.

Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED
Asus ZenBook 17 Fold with touch keyboard option / © NextPit

In addition, Kuo mentioned LG Display will supply the folding displays to Apple while the hinge will be manufactured by Amphenol. The launch date was also specified to be around early 2026 while mass production of the device is said to commence during the last quarter of next year.

Apple foldable MacBook’s processor and price

The timing of such rumors positions the foldable MacBook to be powered by a M5 chipset. It makes sense considering Apple recently launched the M4 with the iPad Pro (review) just this month, with its Macs and MacBook laptops expected to feature the chipset next.

Interestingly, Kuo highlighted how the complex form factor and pricey parts associated with making foldable devices would result in Apple’s first folding device priced as much as the Vision Pro. As a reference point, the mixed reality/virtual headset currently retails for $3,500.

However, the leaker touted this foldable M5-powered MacBook will offer advanced features such as an almost invisible display crease, which is noted to be one of the major drawbacks in existing foldable smartphones and tablets.

Lastly, he believes the foldable Apple device would sell more than the Vision Pro given the more streamlined position of the MacBook range.

Are you excited to see the first Apple foldable device? Do you think it will sell like hotcakes similar to its MacBook laptops? We’re interested to hear your opinion.


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