Monday, June 24, 2024
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Apple’s OLED iPad Pro Tablets Release is Narrowed in Early 2024

Since last year, it has been rumored that Apple is launching its first iPad Pro with OLED screens as early as 2024. Now, a follow-up report has narrowed down the timetable as to when we could expect these iPad tablets to be released.

Among Apple’s mobile devices, only the iPhone and Apple Watch are fitted with OLED panels. These types of displays allow numerous advantages, such as more vivid colors, higher peak brightness, and better power efficiency. There are also features that only possible with OLED, including the always-on display and more dynamic adaptive refresh rate.

Possible launch window of Apple’s iPad Pro with OLED

If the fresh details (via The Elec) are to be believed, it might not be too far that we will see Apple incorporating the more advanced displays to its large form factors starting with the iPad Pro. According to the research company Omdia, the iPhone-maker plans to mass produce OLEDs for iPad Pro in the first quarter of 2024. It is likely that the release of the tablets will also commence a few months after this period.

iPad Pro (2022) back side
Apple’s iPad Pro (2022) is made from an aluminum chassis and powered by an M2 chipset. / © NextPit

It is expected that Apple will offer two iPad Pro sizes with an OLED screen that consist of 11-inch and 13-inch options. The latter is based on the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro (review), but because of the flexibility of the panel, Apple could increase the viewing estate by keeping the same frame dimensions.

OLED iPad Pro may command high price sticker

There are also reports of an iPad Pro with a 14-inch display size. This is believed to be called iPad Ultra, which would make it the first moniker in its class. The Ultra seems to note it may be fitted with beefier specs like an M3 Pro chipset compared to the non-Ultra iPad that is sticking to the standard M3 processor version.

However, the use of OLEDs could also result in these iPad Pro and iPad Ultra arriving with very steep prices. The same source speculates the smaller iPad Pro could cost $1500 while the bigger variant may be priced at $1800, putting these on par or higher with the pricing of Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops.

Would you be willing to spend on an iPad Pro with an OLED screen? Or do you think Apple is overly pricing its next-gen tablets? Tell us your answers in the comments.


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