Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Apple’s US smartphone market share is now 39%, says study – is it actually higher?

The competition between iPhone and Android continues and the latest study from CIRP looks at how Apple’s share of US smartphones compares to the last four years. While some reports put the iPhone market share above 50%, CIRP’s latest data says otherwise.

CIRP shared its latest report today on Substack titled “Apple Smartphone Market Share in the US is Stable – and Second Place”.

Gathering data from the last year, CIRP’s results show iPhone with a 39% percent market share, up just 2% from last year.

According to CIRP data, iOS market share in the states peaked at 46% in 2020 before retreating almost 10% in the following two years.

Keep in mind that studies like these aren’t exact and vary based on factors like sample size and the randomness of the respondents participating.

For example, Counterpoint in July reported that US smartphone market share for Apple had jumped to 55% – a 16% difference from today’s CIRP report.

The true market share for iPhone may be somewhere in the middle of those numbers.

What do you think? Is the actual iPhone share of US smartphones closer to 39 or 55%? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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