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Bengaluru Signboard Warns Against Smartphone ‘Zombies’, Internet Reacts

Bengaluru Signboard Warns Against Smartphone 'Zombies', Internet Reacts

The sarcastic signboard resonated with internet users.

A signboard in Bengaluru is going viral on the internet, warning citizens of a new kind of danger – the smartphone zombie. The signboard’s clear caution, “Beware of Smartphone Zombies,” stands as a powerful reminder of the growing epidemic of digital distraction that is engulfing society.

The post was shared by X user @prakritea17, with the caption, “This signboard in BLR singlehandedly attacked our entire generation.” The picture went viral, provoking a spirited chorus of reactions from the public.

See the post here:

The term ‘Smartphone Zombies’ describes individuals so engrossed in their mobile devices that they resemble walking unaware and disconnected from the physical world. This conduct not only results in reduced productivity and social disconnection but also presents notable safety hazards, especially when individuals use their phones while navigating busy streets.

The sarcastic signboard resonated with internet users. 

Commenting on it, a user wrote, “Wtf is this even real ?”

“Nowadays it looks like talking over the phone while crossing the busiest junction is a mandatory stuff for pedestrians .. .. . people lack basic sense,” another user wrote. 

“That’s a sixer hit by the BLR municipal corporation,” the third user commented. 

“Bangalore City Police Rocks,” the fourth user wrote. 

“This banner should be in Mumbai,” the fifth user commented.


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