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Best Amazon Black Friday deals 2023

Black Friday is around the corner, but with November always being the best month of the year when it comes to deals, the discounts have already started spinning up in anticipation.

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Although it has its own Prime Day events too, Amazon is still one of the biggest places to check out around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with literally countless deals and discounts to explore. Ahead of the main sales days themselves, we’ve gathered the best deals available right now on Amazon’s own devices for you.

Best Amazon Black Friday deals

Amazon makes a wide range of devices, and we expect to see pretty great deals across every category this Black Friday, so we’ve divided things up into sections for you below.

Best Echo deals

Whether it’s a simple smart speaker or a more sophisticated smart display, there are Echo devices to suit a range of budgets and situations – here are the best deals on them.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)

$40 $90 Save $50

The latest Echo Show 5 is a perfect little smart display for smaller rooms, taking up very little space but offering loads of features. It has a really nice new design, and better sound than ever, making this deal hard to ignore.

2022 Kids Echo Dot

Echo Dot 5th Gen Kids

$28 $60 Save $32

If you want a smart speaker for your kid’s room, then there’s no better option – this handy little Echo Dot has a lovely fun design and can be amazing for at-home learning and much more.

Best Fire tablet deals

Amazon’s Fire tablets have rocketed to become wildly popular thanks to their incredible value, and there are already some great deals to be had if you need a new one.

Amazon Fire Max 11


Amazon Fire Max 11

$150 $230 Save $80

This is Amazon’s most high-quality tablet ever, so it’s brilliant to see it already discounted – taking it down to a price that feels frankly like a bit of a crazy bargain.

Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2021)

$75 $150 Save $75

For those who want to save even more cash, this deal on the uber-popular Fire HD 10’s 2021 model is a brilliant one, knocking it down massively to just $75, which is crazy given how solid the hardware is.

Best Fire TV deals

Watching TV or movies is so much easier using the Fire TV interface, and these great deals will help you get that experience for less money.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

$30 $50 Save $20

This brilliant streaming stick is the best on the market for most people, with a quick and easy UI and some amazing features, all in 4K. Don’t miss it at this price.

Amazon Fire TV 55 4-Series


Amazon Fire TV 55″ 4-Series 4K UHD smart TV

$270 $520 Save $250

If you want your Fire TV experience baked into your TV, this brilliant 55-inch set is a steal at less than $300, making everything work a treat with gorgeous HDR in 4K.

Home security is now easier than ever before – Amazon’s lineup of Blink devices makes it so easy to set up a smart home security system, and these deals make that genuinely affordable.

Blink Outdoor 4-1

Blink Outdoor 4

$100 $200 Save $100

If you need a home camera system, this is a brilliant new option from Amazon’s Blink lineup, a twin-pack that’s half-price right now. It has superb video quality and loads of useful settings.

Blink Mini pan and tilt

Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Camera

$30 $60 Save $30

If you need a camera that has instead been designed expressly for indoor use, this is a superb choice from Blink. It can move its view all around a room at will, and can therefore be super useful with alerts set up.

One line of products that Amazon makes that could make a great addition to any budding smart home is its Blink cameras, which come in a range of shapes and sizes – in fact, it only recently launched the latest, the Blink Outdoor 4, which takes its place at the top of the lineup for most people.

That said, the Blink Outdoor 3 is still a really capable camera that is likely to see better discounts this month since it’s not as new, so be sure to keep an eye out for it getting price cuts. It’s a brilliant choice despite being older, and you can see how it compares to the newer model right here.

Should I get an Alexa for Black Friday?

If you’re not already an Alexa user, Black Friday could be the perfect chance that you’ve been waiting for to jump aboard and get to know Amazon’s excellent and capable smart speaker, with deals plenty.

Alexa speakers unlock loads of options, with ready access to Alexa for questions and queries – they’re particularly brilliant for kitchen timers, for example. There are countless ways you can use Alexa, so if you see a good deal on one of Amazon’s Echo speakers, don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

Which Fire TV device should I get?

One area that Amazon absolutely excels in is devices to make your TV-watching experience way better. Its Fire TV lineup of sticks and streaming devices is a wonder, with loads of different options depending on what resolution and picture quality you need.

Still, when it comes to the best Fire TV stick, we think that most people should default to the Fire TV Stick 4K, which is really affordable (especially when it gets a deal for Black Friday) but also brings crisp 4K to the table for brilliant movie nights.


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