Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Best Black Friday Game Console Deals on PS5, Nintendo Switch

Snag yourself a game console this Black Friday

Level up your holiday experience by bagging yourself a new game console in these excellent Black Friday game console deals.

Make your holidays more tolerable by getting a brand new game console for your television. Instead of reruns of old TV shows and movies, or spending time with your family, you could instead be saving the planet or vanquishing foes in a digital realm.

What’s more, these consoles also double as set-top boxes, so you can use them in a spare room to watch Netflix or YouTube. You can even use them to become social over long distances, catching up with friends from afar while in the middle of a Call of Duty match.

There are plenty of additional holiday sales going on now. Grab exclusive discounts on Apple products, giving you an opportunity to save on even the latest tech this holiday season. Check out some of our favorite deals below and be sure to visit our Apple Price Guide to find out how much you can save.


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