Friday, June 21, 2024

Best Budget Electric Toothbrush 2024

9. Usmile Roman Column – 6-month battery life

If battery life is key, this Usmile sonic toothbrush should be a contender. Usmile says that the battery can last up to six months. We can confirm that it’s still going strong after several months.

It charges via USB-C cable. The port is protected, so a bit of splashing won’t be a problem, but you shouldn’t immerse it or use it in the shower.

It has a maximum speed of 38,000RPM, but feels on the gentler side. In terms of features, it has three settings: Clean, White and Soft. It also has a two-minute brushing timer, with alerts every 30 seconds, and a battery indicator light.

There’s no pressure sensor, however.

The colour options are pink, green and blue. It comes with a suede-effect travel case, USB charging plug and two toothbrush heads.

The unusual column design could prove divisive. Still, it has a matt finish, feels solid and well-made and is pleasant to hold, if on the heavier side.

The only snag is replacement brush heads, which can be £5/$5 each, unless you find a deal.


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