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Best digital photo frames in 2024

There’s nothing like the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see old family pictures with your loved ones, and digital photo frames put a smile on your face and lift your mood when they transport you to the best days of your life. The best digital photo frames have clear, high-resolution displays with speakers to play videos. Advanced models are Wi-Fi-capable and have handy apps, so family and friends can share pictures of events and special moments with you.


How to turn your Amazon Echo Show into a digital photo frame

These simple steps will have your Echo Show lighting up the room with your favourite photos.

We usually test smartphones, tablets, and other serious hardware at Pocket-lint, and checking out fun gadgets like digital photo frames is a breath of fresh air. This list was put together with all buyers in mind, and we chose the best digital photo frames at every size and price so nobody’s left out.

Aura Mason Luxe

Aura Mason Luxe

1. Best overall digital photo frame

High-res photo frame

The Aura Mason Luxe has a 9.7-inch 2K display offering superb picture quality, and it comes in stylish colors to match your decor.


  • Stunning 2K display
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Attractive frames

Aura’s Mason Luxe digital picture frame is one of the best on the market because it has the perfect balance of style and functionality. The 9.7-inch 2K display is silky smooth to bring out the best in your pictures and works in portrait and landscape mode with an auto-adjustment feature. Setting up Wi-Fi is easy, and you and your family can then send pictures to the frame from your smartphones and enjoy free unlimited storage space.

One of the best things about the Mason Luxe is that it’s stylish and functional and comes in various colors, like Sandstone, Graphite, and Pebble, to suit your preference or decor. The good looks extend to the back, where there’s a single power port and a discrete speaker for playing videos.

The Mason Luxe might not be the biggest digital frame, but it’s ideal for most people because it can fit on desks and smaller spaces. It justifies its premium pricing with a stunning display and easy connectivity that makes sharing pictures a breeze.

Meural Digital Photo Frame

Meural Digital Photo Frame

2. Best premium digital photo frame

Brings out the details

The Meural digital photo frame has a large 13.5 x 7.5-inch display to bring out the best in group pictures and includes a catalog of classic art and other images to use as wallpaper.


  • Large HD display
  • Intuitive app
  • Can play videos

  • Needs space
  • Only available in one color

The Meural digital photo frame is ideal for people wanting more space, and the 13.5 x 7.5-inch display brings out the details in group photos and nature shots. Everything looks bright and clear with the FHD IPS screen, which has an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections. Uploading photos is a piece of cake because the Meural app links with Android and Apple photo albums to capture your memories.

One of the more unique features of the Meural is its TruArt technology, which includes a catalog to access hundreds of famous paintings and up to 30,000 images if you don’t feel like seeing old photos and want to try a fancy wallpaper instead. The frame automatically detects image orientation and displays it accordingly while automatically taking care of the cropping. It has a stand and wall mount, so you can place it wherever you like for maximum effect.

Having a bigger digital photo frame enhances the detail in most pictures and is worth the extra cash, provided you have the space for it. The Meural digital photo frame has an excellent HD display and an intuitive app to make transfers easy, and it’s a pity that it’s only available in one color.

AEEZO 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Aeezo 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

3. Best value digital photo frame

Inexpensive all-rounder

$70 $100 Save $30

The Aeezo Digital photo frame is inexpensive and includes a 10.1-inch touchscreen and multiple storage options, including USB sticks, memory cards, and 16GB of internal space.


  • Great price
  • USB and SD Card reader
  • 16GB internal memory

  • Generic looks
  • Not the highest resolution

Digital photo frames don’t need to be pricey, and the Aeezo makes it easy to relive your fun memories with family and friends at a great price. Its 10.1-inch touchscreen will fit on small desks and has a 1280×800 resolution to show your treasured moments to the world. The accompanying Frameo app makes it easy for you and your family to upload pictures from anywhere with an unlimited number of users.

If you’re not into apps and uploads, you can also use the handy USB port or SD card reader, and there’s 16GB of internal memory to handle countless images. The user-friendly touchscreen is responsive for zooming in on images, changing the brightness, and adjusting other settings.

The Aeezo is inexpensive and goes beyond most 10.1-inch digital photo frames by offering a USB port and SD card reader in addition to the handy app. Its all-around versatility makes it one of the best value options despite its average looks, and it’s worth a look if you’re on a tight budget.

Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8 (3rd Gen, 2023)

4. Best smart digital photo frame

Does it all

$105 $150 Save $45

The do-all Amazon Echo 8 includes Alexa compatibility to control your smart home, browse the internet, stream videos, and more.


  • Clear display
  • Can stream movies, play music, and more
  • Alexa compatible

  • Overkill for some buyers
  • Can’t hang on the wall

Smart devices like Amazon’s 3rd-gen Echo 8 might be a better option than a conventional digital photo frame if you want to stream movies, watch podcasts, or check emails when you’re not showing off the family album. While not the biggest, the eight-inch HD touchscreen is clear for photos and has an adaptive color function to enhance the image quality.

You can use the Echo 8 to access popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, or issue Alexa voice commands to adjust the lighting or heating and control other smart home devices. There’s also a 13 MP camera to make video calls with your loved ones from around the world with fantastic sound and voice quality from the built-in speakers and microphone.

The Echo 8 might be the most advanced digital photo frame out there, but it’s also overkill for buyers wanting nothing more than a device to display their pictures. There’s no arguing about its value, and the smaller eight-inch display is a small sacrifice, considering that it significantly undercuts our premium frames when it comes to pricing.

Aura Walden 15 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Aura Walden 15″ WiFi Digital Picture Frame

5. Best size digital photo frame

Bigger is better

The Aura Walden is the perfect digital canvas for your favorite photos thanks to its massive 15-inch display and stylish looks, which set it apart from the competition.


  • Big 15-inch display
  • Stylish looks
  • Free unlimited storage

  • Premium pricing
  • Best for walls

Family portraits and other group pictures deserve a massive digital photo frame like the Aura Walden 15-inch for enhanced detail and clarity. The huge 15-inch display has an anti-glare finish and offers impressive clarity at 1600×1200 resolution for pictures and videos. Setting it up is easy, and the Aura app allows you and your family to upload as much content as you like with free unlimited storage.

Aura digital picture frames have a reputation for style and quality, and the thin white bezels and textured white mat background add a touch of class to wedding and graduation pictures. It comes with a convenient tabletop stand if you have the space, or you could hang it on the wall where it could be more visible.

There’s no getting around the hefty size and price of this digital picture frame, but it justifies its cost by offering one of the biggest canvases for showing off the happiest moments of your life, which can bring joy and tears for years to come. Its stylish design makes it ideal as a gift and works just as well on tables or walls.

Loop Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

Loop Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

6. Best touchscreen digital photo frame

Smooth scroller

$160 $170 Save $10

The Loop digital photo frame has a clear and responsive 10.1-inch display with 16 GB of internal memory and a convenient app to upload pictures from anywhere in the world.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile 10.1-inch display
  • Touchscreen

  • Complicated filing system
  • Wi-Fi only

Touchscreen digital frames like the Loop make it easier to zoom and flick through the album to find that special picture. Its 10.1-inch display is probably the Goldilocks size to fit on most desks and walls and offers superb clarity to display your magical moments.

Another advantage of the Loop is its simplicity, and you’ll be ready to go after taking a couple of minutes to set up the Wi-Fi. Then, you can send images as text messages to the special number allocated to it, and you probably won’t run out of space anytime soon because there’s 16GB of onboard memory.

The Loop is a fantastic mid-range digital photo frame offering a clear 10.1-inch touchscreen to display your photos. It comes with 16GB of internal storage space and a convenient app to share pictures, although the filing system is a bit complicated.

Atatat 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Atatat 10.1 Inch WiFi Digital Photo Frame

7. Best budget digital photo frame

Super storage for your albums

The Atatat digital photo frame comes at a fantastic price and includes a 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen for smooth zooming and 32GB of storage space for your pictures and videos.


  • Affordable
  • Vivid display
  • 32GB internal memory

  • Connects to 2.4Ghz only
  • Only one color

The 10.1-inch Atatat is a viable alternative to some of the premium options listed here and proves that digital photo frames don’t need to be pricey. Its 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen is smooth for scrolling and zooming and has a high 1280×800 resolution to display your pictures. Sharing images becomes simple once you’ve connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, and you can use the handy app to invite your family to send their pics to you.

Designwise, the Atatat frame emulates the classy look of its pricier rivals with angled black bezels and a white background that draws the viewer’s eyes to the picture within. Most digital photo frames top out at around 16GB of internal memory, and this one doubles it with an impressive 32GB for the biggest photo libraries.

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a digital photo frame when budget-friendly options like the Atatat 10.1 offer similar functionality for a fraction of the price. It only connects to the 2.4GHz wireless frequency and comes in one color, but these are minor drawbacks considering its vivid display, stylish looks, and class-leading 32GB of internal memory.

The bottom line: Which is the best digital photo frame?

The Aura Mason Luxe is the best digital photo frame because it has a high-resolution 2K display and comes in various colors to suit any room. Anyone looking for something a bit more luxurious can try the Meural digital photo frame because it has a huge 13.5 x 7.5-inch screen and a catalog of classic art and other exciting images to spice things up. Aeezo’s digital photo frame doesn’t cost much but includes premium features like a 10.1-inch touchscreen, 16GB of storage, and a handy app to transfer your content.

Aura Mason Luxe

Aura Mason Luxe

Editor’s Choice

How did we choose these digital photo frames?

Pocket-lint specializes in testing devices and gadgets, and we love experiencing new technology to find the best products to recommend to buyers. For this list, we picked the best digital photo frames based on display quality, extra features, and value.

Our top picks have a high-resolution 2K display or an extra large screen to display your treasured memories for everyone to see. The budget options aren’t bad either, with anti-glare coatings and responsive touchscreens to scroll through your pictures.

Most digital photo frames have handy apps for family and friends to share their pictures with you. Some include onboard memory or USB ports and SD card slots, so you’ll never run out of space. All our picks have the latest features and intuitive apps, making them a pleasure to use.

Value is always a consideration because it influences most buying decisions. We take everyone into consideration when making a list and pick options at all price points, so there’s one for you, no matter your budget.

Are digital photo frames worth it?

Yes, digital photo frames are worth it if you love seeing pictures of your family and friends and enjoy being transported back to the special moments in your life.

Do digital photo frames need Wi-Fi?

Many modern digital photo frames are app-controlled and require Wi-Fi, while others are simpler and have USB ports or SD card slots.


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