Friday, May 24, 2024

Best DJI Air 3 accessories 2023: Upgrade your drone

The DJI Air 3 is one of the most advanced and versatile drones ever. Although it comes with dual cameras, optimized flight hardware, and cutting-edge software – to fully unlock the potential of the Air 3, I recommend adding some accessories to your kit.

As a DJI fanatic and a professional drone pilot, I’ve earned my wings through trial and error. Plenty of close calls and dead batteries have taught me which accessories are useful and which ones are simply not worth the money. And so, with my personal experience and fastidious research to guide me, I’ve compiled a list of the best accessories for the DJI Air 3. Get ready for take off – and read on.

Which drone accessories are most important?

This depends on how you use your drone. For example, hobbyists that just enjoy flying around and snapping cool pics will probably do best with accessories that make flying safer, easier, and more convenient. Gadgets like landing gear and anti-collision lights can add a crucial degree of safety to your flights, protecting both people and the drone itself from accidents.

For aerial photographers and videographers, the best investments are those that enhance the drone’s camera function. In this case, look for lens filters and advanced microSD cards with extreme write speeds.

But whatever your purposes are for taking to the skies, adding extra batteries, propellors, and a quality case to carry it in is definitely worth the money. Such important accessories will help extend both your time in the air and the life of your drone.

What should I look for in a drone accessory to make sure it’s high quality?

The first thing to look for is the compatibility of the accessory in questions. There are very few drone models on the market with “universal” components, so something like a battery must be manufactured to match the exact dimensions of your drone. This also applies to landing gear, battery chargers, and even certain hard cases.

Once you confirm the compatibility, consider the materials of its construction, which should be lightweight and durable. Most importantly, you’ll want to buy accessories that can withstand the occasional bump and bang, since most of us like to take our drones on adventures off the beaten path. You can check customer reviews to gauge just how durable the accessory in question proves to be.

Which microSD cards are best for the DJI Air 3?

With its high-bit-rate codecs, 4K video, and 48MP cameras, the Air 3 can fill up storage fast. I recommend choosing something with at least 128GB of memory. However, don’t pick your microSD card based on storage size alone. Perhaps more importantly, you should make sure your card has high read and write speeds.

There are three types of write speeds (or “card classes”) to consider, and every microSD model prints this information on the face of the card itself. The video write speed is indicated by a “V” followed by a number, and it essentially tells you the minimum.

For the DJI Air 3, you should aim for a video write speed of at least “V30.” The UHS speed is indicated by a number printed inside a little “U.” This value essentially indicates the maximum write speed. For the Air 3, make sure your card has a UHS speed of at least U3. Finally, the overall speed class rating is indicated by a C followed by a number. Not all models print the overall speed class on their faces, but look for a rating of C10 in the product description to ensure you get a card that can keep up with your speedy drone.


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