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Best MagSafe cases for iPhone 15 series 2023

Protect your new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and Pro Max, and benefit from wireless charging with these MagSafe cases.

The iPhone 15 series here, and as we’ve gotten more time with the flagship 15 model, the 15 Pro, and Pro Max, it’s clear that all three versions of Apple’s latest handset are refined slabs with tons of power, good battery, an outstanding camera. And speaking of the impressive photos the latest iPhone series is capable of, it’s only natural to want to constantly take whichever model you choose with you. To make sure your phone looks as wonderful for as long as possible, we recommend using a case for some extra protection. Yes, Apple uses a ceramic coating on iPhone 15 screens, but we’d still put our money on concrete in a fight.

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Below is a list of cases that we think fit the bill. We have all sorts of variety here, including clear cases, thin cases, rugged cases, and Apple’s wonderful new FineWoven cases. Every single one of them also support MagSafe, so you can continue to use your various MagSafe accessories.

Best MagSafe cases for the iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and Pro Max: Our top choices

  • ESR for iPhone 15

    ESR / Pocket-lint

    ESR for iPhone 15 with MagSafe

    Best MagSafe case overall

    $22 $29 Save $7

    The ESR for iPhone 15 case is a solid overall pick. It comes for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Every case in the lineup comes with MagSafe. It features a TPU bumper to protect the iPhone against falls with a transparent background. There are three color options, which are clear, clear black, and frosted black. They are good enough to suit most use cases, and the transparent back lets you iPhone color shine.

  • SUPCASE Unicorn Bettle Pro Mag iPhone 15 case

    SUPCASE / Pocket-lint

    Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag Case for iPhone 15

    Promoted pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag case for iPhone 15 is an excellent choice for a case. It’s rugged, and the company boasts a 15-foot drop rating as certified by MET Labs. In addition, you get a kickstand that also doubles as the MagSafe attachment for some added functionality. Supcase rounds out the case with a one-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about the case getting messed up.

  • iPhone 15 Pro FineWoven case

    Apple / Pocket-lint

    Apple FineWoven Case with MagSafe for iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max

    Best official Apple case

    The FineWoven Case with MagSafe from Apple is one of Apple’s newest products. It replaces the leather cases in Apple’s lineup. Apple says it’s more carbon-neutral and uses recycled materials. It has a suede feel to it, so you’re not losing out on the leather feel entirely. The case comes in five colors to complement the new iPhone colors and is available for both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

  • iPhone 15 Clear Case with MagSafe

    Apple / Pocket-lint

    Apple Clear Case with MagSafe for iPhone 15, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max

    Second best official Apple case

    The iPhone 15 Clear Case with MagSafe is another pretty safe bet from Apple. The case doesn’t add a lot of bulk, and it’s very clear, so you can see your iPhone colors come through wonderfully. There are different cases for each of the four iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models. These cases also come with a coating to help prevent yellowing and scratches. They are expensive, but they look good and work well.

  • dBrand Ghost Case

    dBrand / Pocket-lint

    Dbrand Ghost Case for iPhone 15 Pro

    Best clear case with MagSafe

    The dbrand Ghost case is about as good as it gets for clear cases. It comes with a black bumper that helps protect against drops. The clear portion looks great and is very clear. Plus, it helps that dbrand has a lifetime warranty against yellowing, so you get a replacement if it ever stops being clear. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s thin, light, and there aren’t any other clear cases like it.

  • Peak Designs Everyday Case iPhone 15 Pro

    Peak Design / Pocket-lint

    Peak Designs Everyday Case for iPhone 15

    Best slim case

    The Peak Designs Everyday Case is a good choice for a slimmer case. The case only adds 2.5mm of thickness to the iPhone 15, which isn’t bad at all. The case is also nylon, weatherproof, 100% recycled, and it comes in five different colors. The Everyday Case also has a square mount in the back for use with other Peak Design products via SlimLink. It’s an all around good, thin case.

  • S Dawezo Magnetic Case iPhone 15

    S Dawezo / Pocket-lint

    S. Dawezo Magnetic Case for iPhone 15

    Best budget case with MagSafe

    The S. Dawezo Magnetic Case is an inexpensive clear case for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro. Like other clear cases, this one comes with an anti-yellowing and anti-scratch coating for improved durability. Aside from that, it’s a fairly standard TPU case. It’ll protect the iPhone from drops and scuffs as it should without much drama. It’s not the nicest case, but it costs less than half of many of its competitors.

  • Otterbox Fre Series for MagSafe iPhone 15

    Otterbox / Pocket-lint

    Otterbox Fre Series for iPhone 15

    Best waterproof case

    The Otterbox Fre is your best bet for a waterproof case for the iPhone 15. Otterbox continues its tradition of putting out good waterproof cases, and this one also comes with MagSafe support. It has reasonably good drop protection and also includes a built-in screen protector and camera protector. It also comes with IP68 water and dust resistance, so it’ll work in up to two meters of water for up to one hour.

The best MagSafe cases for iPhone 15: Which one is right for you?

It depends on your use case, but for the most part, any of the above cases will work. ESR’s MagSafe case can do it all, including offering good protection, some extra features, and it’s not too expensive. Those who don’t mind spending the money can try out Apple’s new FineWoven cases with MagSafe for something a little bit different. We’re quite sweet on dbrand’s Ghost case as well. Something about lifetime anti-yellowing warranties just makes us happy.

A few of these you only need for specific purposes. Otterbox’s $100 Fre case is a good example of this. People who don’t swim or go to the beach very often probably don’t need IP68 water and dust resistance in a phone case when the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are water-resistant enough to handle the water in your sink without protection. Ultimately, you should get the one you like best. Objectively, any case on the list above will work fine.

Should I buy a MagSafe case?

If you don’t own any other MagSafe accessories, and you don’t intend to buy any additional MagSafe accessories, then you probably don’t need a case with it. There’s simply no point and you’ll have more options that way. However, if you do use MagSafe accessories or plan to use them in the future, then it’s probably a good idea that the thing covering the back of your phone is compatible with it.

Do cases without MagSafe still work with MagSafe accessories?

Technically, some of them can. If they’re thin enough and made out of the right materials, you can still do things like wirelessly charge your phone without having hardware on your case that directly supports it. That said, it’s extremely hit or miss, and it’s not something we recommend. MagSafe cases aren’t that much more expensive than their non-MagSafe counterparts anyway, so it’s better to not risk it.


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