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Best Smartwatch Deals: Save on Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit

Fitness, fashion, function, all of the above. Pick your poison, but either way, a smartwatch makes a great tech accessory. Even better, right now’s a great way to save with a lot of smartwatch deals going on across several retailers. You’ll find several of the best smartwatches and best fitness trackers with their prices discounted right now, and among the current smartwatch deals are brands like Garmin, Apple, Samsung, and Google. With so many ways to save on a smartwatch out there, we’ve tracked down the best smartwatch deals and compiled them all in one place. So whether you’re in the market for an Apple Watch or a Pixel Watch, a Galaxy Watch or a Garmin, read up on the best smartwatch deals below.

Best Fitbit deals

A Charge 6 being used on a wrist.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Fitbit left the scene a while ago. They haven’t and they’re still providing excellent smartwatches like the Fitbit Sense 2. It’s specifically designed to help you stress less, sleep better, and live healthier. All-day stress detection can help you recognize stressful events and manage them to carry on stress-free. Sleep profiles and sleep reports teach you about the quality of your previous night’s sleep. Heart rate tracking and fitness tracking are part of the package, and the Fitbit Sense 2 even has built-in GPS. Of course, that’s just one model from the brand.

Here are all of the best Fitbit deals available to shop today:

  • Fitbit Inspire 2 —

  • Fitbit Inspire 3 —

  • Fitbit Versa 4 —

  • Fitbit Sense 2 —

Best Apple Watch deals

New double tap gesture for Apple Watch Series 9.

Even with the release of the newer generation models like the first generation Apple Watch SE, Apple’s smartwatches are always worthy of purchasing. They still holds their own in terms of features, with all of the tracking capabilities the Apple Watch lineup has become known for, including the ability to track Tai Chi and Pilates workouts, in addition to things like running, Yoga, swimming and dance. Plus, there’s a whole lot more to love whether you’re grabbing the latest Apple Watch Ultra, or an older, more beloved model.

Here are all of the best Apple Watch deals available to shop today:

  • Apple Watch SE 1st Gen 40mm with GPS —

  • Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 40mm with GPS —

  • Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 44mm with GPS —

  • Apple Watch Series 9 41mm with GPS —

  • Apple Watch Series 9 45mm with GPS —

Best Garmin watch deals

Garmin Forerunner 255
  • Garmin Venu Sq 33mm with GPS —

  • Garmin Instinct 2 45mm —

  • Garmin Venu 2 45mm with GPS —

  • Garmin Vivoactive 5 42mm with GPS —

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals

Wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic on the street.

Not only is it a great alternative, but Samsung’s smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 4 stand alone as well-priced yet premium fitness trackers. Even being a couple of generations old, it has all of the fitness tracking capabilities you’ll find in most newly-released smartwatches. Like other brands, Samsung has a lot to offer in the smartwatch field so keep checking back for more deals if you’re intrigued.

Here are all of the best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals available to shop today:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic 42mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 40mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 40mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm BT —

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm LTE —

Additional smartwatch deals

A person sitting down and wearing the Google Pixel Watch 2.
Joe Maring / Digital Trends

Outside of the well-known brands are other options, including some names you’ll recognize like the Google Pixel Watch. If you don’t like the deals listed above, this is your place to shop. Check out all of the additional smartwatch deals here:

  • Amazfit Bip 5 49mm —

  • Amazfit GTS 4 Mini —

  • Google Pixel Watch 41mm WiFi/BT —

How to choose the right smartwatch

Not sure where to start? No problem, we have a big list of the best smartwatches to review, but also we’ve put together some quick steps for doing your own research right here:

  • Step one, choose a style you want between round watch faces, square watch faces, and more compact designs you’ll find in dedicated fitness trackers, like Fitbit’s Inspire series.
  • Next, consider the size of the watch you want, denoted in millimeters. The bigger the watch, the more space it’s going to take up on your wrist (obviously) but also the heavier it will be. If you’re planning on using the watch while active, like running, swimming, or even hiking, you may not want a heavier option. However, a bigger device also typically means a bigger screen size which is more manageable for thick fingers and may be easier to see with bigger onscreen elements.
  • Review the brands, of which there are many, including Fitbit, Google, Garmin, Apple, Samsung, and beyond. Apple and Garmin are great for more active lifestyles, but you’d also be fine with Samsung or Fitbit. As far as fully-featured smartwatches go Google, Samsung, and, of course, Apple are the crowned royalty there.
  • Look for deals. You don’t always have to pay full price for a smartwatch, and many of the new models are released with iterative updates, meaning they’re almost identical to older models. This is especially true in the case of Apple’s smartwatches, with older devices getting new software improvements through the WatchOS software.
  • Give the watch a try. Many retailers offer generous return or refund policies, giving you the opportunity to try out your new watch for a short period before making the final decision. Just know that although you’ve made a purchase, your decision is not necessarily set in stone.

Finally, another great piece of advice is to potentially consider renewed or refurbished smartwatches, offered through both retailers and manufacturers. In many cases, these devices are in excellent or “like new” condition and have been barely used. It’s a great way to save money and get a fantastic and name-brand smartwatch for less — even when there aren’t huge sales going on.

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