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Best travel tech organizers 2023

Holiday travel season is fast approaching, and these organizers help safely store your devices, chargers, and cables.

Traveling is long, hard, stressful and messy, but I love it. There’s no greater feeling than stepping off a plane into a country full of new opportunities and experiences. However, there’s no worse feeling than needing to charge your phone after a long flight and having to untangle several wires that were once packed neatly but somehow managed to intertwine during your time on the plane just to access all of your travel tech. I used to throw all my wires and cables at the bottom of my bag and always regretted that decision once I needed a charger. That’s why I made the adult decision to go on Amazon and buy a travel tech organizer.

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A travel tech organizer gives a home to your random assortment of chargers, headphones and any other small tech you couldn’t leave home without. Personally I own two different tech organizers; one for my actual technology and one for the chargers. Below are some of my favorite organizers on the market along with some highly rated organizers on Amazon.

Best travel tech organizers: Our top picks

  • bagsmart


    Bagsmart Tech Organizer

    Best travel tech organizer overall

    $16 $23 Save $7

    Bagsmart’s tech organizer is the organizer I typically go with while traveling. The case is compact and can fit several wires, pens and small headphones. The case has several small zippered pockets and straps for all your tech necessities.

  • FYY


    Fyy Tech Organizer

    Best budget travel tech organizer

    The Fyy tech organizer has three big pockets for your tech, several smaller zippered pockets along with straps for cables. My only complaint is that the organizer is pretty bulky but overall it’s worth it for those on a budget.

  • nomatic


    Nomatic Camera Tech Organizer

    Best organizer for bulk or cameras

    Need to organize a little more than just charging cables? Nomatic consistently releases top of the line travel accessories and their camera tech organizer is no different. The organizer is great for camera gear and other bulkier equipment.

  • iMangoo compact case


    iMangoo Tech Organizer Best Compact Organizer

    Best small travel tech organizer

    Don’t have much to carry? The iMangoo carrying case is wallet sized and big enough to hold a few wires and a pair of earbuds; just enough for those looking to travel light and at a steal of a price.

  • amazon


    Amazon Basics Travel Tech Organizer

    Best value travel tech organizer

    Amazon Basics is always a great go-to when you want a decent quality product without all the bells and whistles. Their travel tech organizer is mid-sized, good quality and can hold a decent amount of tech making it a great buy.

  • bagsnart pouch

    Bagsmart Electronic Organizer Pouch

    Best travel tech pouch organizer

    $10 $16 Save $6

    I am a fan of most Bagsmart products and their small travel pouch is no different. The pouch comes in nine different muted and neutral classic colors and is big enough for a handful of wires and your phone. And the price point keeps this pouch-style option very accessible.

  • fungoofun


    Fungoofun Travel Tech Pouch

    Best hard drive travel tech organizer

    $17 $19 Save $2

    If you only need a protective pouch for your hard drives and SD cards, Fungoofun offers a small hard-shelled travel pouch built for just that. It’s a bit on the pricey side for its size, but worth it if you want a compact organizer for your trip.

  • glcon


    Glcon Hard Shell Tech Organizer

    Best durable travel tech organizer

    $14 $16 Save $2

    Don’t want to break anything? For only $14 protect your most delicate tech with this hard shell travel case from Glcon. The case is relatively small, but offers customizable with six color options, includes one strap, and a mesh pocket.


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