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Best tripod phone mounts 2023

Having a solid and stable photo setup makes capturing the perfect shot much easier. While lots of camera professionals come with a tripod in their kit, tripod for your smartphone is also wort the investment, especially as cameras on phones continue to get better and promote professional-grade quality. Additionally, a tripod phone mount is a great tool for taking video calls, a timed group photo, or even content creation, ensuring a hands-free operation and stability. Fortunately, these mounts provide a convenient, accessible, and budget friendly answer to help turn your creative visions into a reality.

Best tripod phone mounts: Our top picks

Sensyne Phone Tripod

Sensyne Phone Tripod

1. Best tripod phone mount overall

Everything you need in a smartphone tripod

$29 $40 Save $11

The Sensyne tripod phone mount is the best all around tripod phone mount for its price. It has a strong durable frame that provides stable camera shots.


  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Wide phone compatibility

  • Wobbly when fully extended
  • Remote control connection takes getting used to

Sensyne developed a tripod phone mount that answers a variety of needs within a tripod. Its portable and tough durable size, affordable price point, smartphone compatibility, wide range of adjustabilities, and easy use brings it to the top of our list.

One of the awkward challenges with tripod mounts is their setup complexity. Sensyne relieves this anxiety with a foldable and collapsible tripod phone mount that simplifies the process from start to finish. When folded up, the Sensyne collapses into a rod measuring 35.1 x 5.41 x 4.8cm and weighs 12.6oz, allowing for easy portability like placing it in the side of a backpack without taking up too much space. The mount has a designated space for the detachable wireless remote on the tripod, making it convenient and tidy in utilizing storage space.

The Sensyne tripod is also retractable, allowing your smartphone to rotate 360 degrees and bend forward and backward at a 90 degree angle. And when fully folded out in its tripod mode, the Sensyne can extend up to 152cm, making it perfect for when you want to take a wide scale group shot. The Sensyne also has a handheld mode, its smallest extraction, that turns the tripod into a stick shape allowing for a selfie stick.

NOOX tripod phone mount

NOOX / Pocket-lint

NOOX Selfie Stick Tripod

2. Best budget-friendly tripod phone mount

A wallet-friendly and hands-free approach

$10 $16 Save $6

The NOOX Selfie Strick Tripod offers one of the most affordable options for a tripod phone mount. This tripod mount will fit most smartphones, but may be hard to adjust for some larger cases.


  • Versatile
  • Great pricing
  • Compatible with most smartphones

  • Flimsy
  • Can take adjusting setting up
  • Smartphones with cases are harder to fit sometimes

For a more budget-friendly solution, the NOOX selfie stick tripod offers affordability and solid features. The NOOX is built with an aluminum frame that folds neatly, making it portable and practical for use on-the-go. Its smartphone connected Bluetooth 4.0 wireless remote is easy to control with a battery life lasting for hours, allowing you to capture those perfect shots much easier.

When you close the NOOX, it measures at a compact 19.4cm and has a clip shape that allows you to more easily put it in your pocket. Its versatility shows when you extend it to its handheld mode at 29cm, and 103cm when fully extended. The tripod’s arm has seven adjustable aluminum alloy rods that extend the tick outwards at a max of 127cm that provides a variety of shooting perspectives. The phone holder of the NOOX rotates a full 360 degrees, while its head hinge offers a 225-degree rotation, allowing you to capture photos and videos at a variety of angles. Its knob locks to prevent titling or shaking, so you can get clearer shots with more stability.

The NOOX’s body is made of both aluminum steel and ABS plastic yet, it’s lightweight at 5.9oz. The stretch bracket mount allows for easy adjustments, making it compatible with most smartphones on the market. If you’re in search of a reliable, affordable, and portable tripod phone mount, this one is the best choice.

Insta360 Flow

Insta360 / Pocket-lint

Insta360 Flow

3. Best premium tripod mount

Addition of AI is like having your own camera crew

The Insta360 Flow is a unique tripod phone mount that uses built-in AI to automatically track your subjects.


  • Built-in AI tracking mount
  • Compact and pocket-sized
  • Doubles as a power bank

  • Expensive
  • Takes time to learn
  • Not compatible with all smartphones

As tech continues to get smarter, it’s no surprise that there’s now a tripod phone mount that supports remote tracking. The Insta360 Flow does just that, giving you the power of smart tracking using AI technology capable of reading subjects within frame and seamlessly following them, even if they are blocked out of view.

Insta360 Flow’s AI-powered tracking requires no manual configuration; it keeps subjects in frame and focused without you ever having to lift a finger. The tripod phone mount is highly adjustable, enabling you to take continuous tracking of specific subjects even when they’re blocked out of view. It even offers features like zoom and slow-motion tracking, so you get precise and stable shots when taking video.

Insta360 Flow (7)

The Insta360 Flow also features a versatile design. Its foldable and portable design can fit right in your pocket and allows for quick set-ups, so you’ll be ready to capture any moment. The mount can hold smartphones up to 17 centimeters and even includes a built-in portable 2900mAH battery charger, so you can keep your phone powered up for 12 hours. The tripod uses a flow gimbal smartphone mount that includes a detachable tripod on its bottom and has built-in gesture controls allowing for hands-free shooting by simply raising your hand to start recording and tracking without ever having to push a button.

Its three axis-stabilization prevents shaky footage to produce more clean and professional shots. It can even maintain tracking at higher frame rates, offer zoom tracking for cinematic closeup shots, and includes a live mode for video calls and streaming. Insta360 Flow also includes creative movie-style techniques like dolly zooms and time shifts, so you can create time-lapse videos. It can even provide guidance for various shooting techniques using its built-in AI.

Anozer Mini Tripod

Anozer / Pocket-lint

Anozer Small Tripod

4. Best tripod phone mount for portability

The pocket-sized tripod

$10 $11 Save $1

The tiny Anozer Small Tripod can fit directly in your pocket, making for quick setups when you need to take a meeting.


  • Versatile
  • 16cm in length, 2.9oz
  • Anti-skid rubber padded legs

  • Tight clamp
  • Not so sturdy

Anozer, the compact and portable tripod phone mount, is designed with minimalism in mind. It’s a pocket-sized tripod phone mount that weighs just 2.89oz and measures 16cm when folded, making it easy to slip in your pocket with a size equivalent to an iPhone Pro 15 Max.

Don’t be fooled by its size, the Anozer can accommodate larger phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max (which measures 16 x 7.8cm.) It’s equipped with a non-slip mat ledge to ensure your phone’s stability when capturing shots. Unfolded, Anozer offers two modes a handheld selfie stick mode and a stable tripod stand, providing broad and low angles useful in watching videos, live-streaming, or participating in meetings. The tripod’s anti-skid guard legs open wide and low, adjusting to the terrain and preventing your phone from wobbling.

The Anozer’s phone clip can be adjusted from 5.58 to 9cm, making it compatible with smartphones up to 17cm, including GoPros cameras. The head mount offers a 180 degree back-and-forth rotation with a full 360 degree side rotation, allowing for both vertical and horizontal shots. The tripod even has a cold shoe on the phone clip, so you can attach complementary hardware accessories like LED lights or microphones.

Phone Tripod LINKCOOL

Linkcool / Pocket-lint

Linkcool Octopus Phone Tripod

5. Best tripod phone mount for flexibility

Octopus leg wrapping stability for those epic angles

$20 $26 Save $6

The bendable legs of the Linkcool Octopus Phone Tripod makes it mountable to just about anything so you can create epic camera shots at any angle.


  • Sturdy
  • Flexible and foldable legs
  • Non slip rubber grip design

  • Pinchy clamp
  • Weak detachable mount
  • Unstable remote connectivity

The Linkcool is a great selection for buyers who want more flexibility in different spots with their stable shots. The tripod phone mount provides camera stability using its non-slip elastic waterproof legs, which can bend and wrap around various objects from tree branches to table legs, so you can get fun and unique footage.

The Linkcool offers a both lightweight and portable tripod phone mount weighing in at just 7.8oz and measuring 27cm in length. It secures your phone tightly using its clamp-style head mount which is adjustable from 6 to 9.39cm, making it compatible with most smartphones along with their cases. The mount even comes with a camera adapter on its base, so you can use it with other devices like GoPros and cameras.

With its flexible and foldable legs, the Linkcool can be wrapped around just about anything, and placed securely on most surfaces due to its non-slip rubber grip legs. The mounts head clamp can tilt your smartphone 180 degrees, while its strong ball socket below can rotate in a 360 degree fashion, so you can adjust it for various shots and angles. It even comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote, so you can snap photos or record videos without ever having to touch your phone.

OMOTON O-Mag Phone Tripod

OMOTON / Pocket-lint

Omoton O-Mag Phone Tripod

6. Best tripod phone mount for magnetic connection

The mount with the power of magnets

Magnetically connect your MagSafe smartphone without clamping it in a mount with the OMOTON O-Mag Phone Tripod.


  • Strong build material
  • Flexible and foldable legs
  • Tall height up to 165cm

  • Bulky design
  • Limited phone compatibility

Offering worry free mounting, the Omoton O-Mag phone tripod mount securely attaches your smartphone using its MagSafe feature by using powerful magnets and a secure vacuum suction. This design ensures your phone stays in place without clamps pressing on its side buttons. It’s compatible specifically with iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models, as well as other phones compatible with MagSafe cases.

The Omoton uses an adjustable seven-section aluminum telescopic pole, extending from 30.4cm to 162.56cm. Its mount allows for a complete 360-degree rotation for dynamic switching between landscape and portrait mode shots. The tripod’s arm can be adjusted 180 degrees, offering a versatility for capturing various angles and accommodating for diverse shot styles. It comes with a Bluetooth wireless remote with a holder space in the tripod that allows you to take shots from long distances.

The head of the tripod is detachable, so you can clamp it to your car vent and dashboard as a secondary feature. The Omoton’s multifunctional design makes it handy for usability, making it a great choice for a quick set tripod set up design without the hassle of making constant adjustments.

PIXEL Cell Phone Tripod

PIXEL / Pocket-lint

Pixel Cell Phone Tripod

7. Best tripod phone mount for height

The mountain of tripod phone mounts

$37 $47 Save $10

Standing at staggering 203.2cm, the Pixel Cell Phone Tripod is one of the largest tripod phone mounts available today


  • Includes a travel bag
  • Easy to fold up and pack
  • Max height of up to 203cm

  • No remote
  • Takes time to set up
  • Can be shaky when fully extended

The Pixel Cell Phone Tripod stands out as the tallest amongst the tripod phone mounts and is perfect for capturing photos in large crowded settings. At its full height, the tripod phone mount extends a staggering 203.2cm, allowing you to take a variety of wide range shots with multiple subjects.

Made with a robust and strong aluminum, the Pixel Cell Phone Tripod is able to stand strong on its own on flat floors. The phone mount features an adjustable clamp that can hold phones from 6.1 – 10.9cm in width. A simple twist screw secures the clamp in place, ensuring your phone fits snug. The tripod phone mount also includes a bendy and flexible 30.48cm gooseneck arm attachment that can easily be screwed into the top. The gooseneck arm can be adjusted to any angle due to its 360 degree rotation capability.

It has four different adjustable heights appropriate for different uses. It starts with its default storage mode measured at 68.5cm and also a Turn-on mode which expands to 81cm and props out its legs – suited for video conferencing at desk level. Still further it can expand twice more to its Raise mode at 149cm – ideal for full body shoots, and finally to its Highest mode at a 203.2cm extension – for in depth and wind angled shots. Comes with a carrying bag and one-year warranty.

The best tripod phone mount: The bottom line

The Sensyne builds on various features that go into making a great tripod phone mount. It offers an affordable price point with a strong structural build and a wide range of usability within its design. It’s 0.35kg lightweight aluminum alloy and plastic frame, premium environmental friendly polyester paint, six easily extendable sections that go all the way to a height of 152cm, phone clamp that can hold 9.9cm width for smartphones, detachable remote control, and selfie stick mode is hard to match.

Sensyne Phone Tripod

Sensyne Phone Tripod

Editor’s Choice

$29 $40 Save $11

Sensyne / Pocket-lint

If you need great portability we recommend the incredibly well-priced Anoze Small Tripod. Whilst our premium model, the Insta360 Flow hits the highest cost of the bunch, it is a great device for professionals if you can swing the price.

How did we choose these best tripod phone mounts?

When you’re shopping, differentiating from numerous tripod phone mounts can be mind-numbing. You may ask yourself what’s the difference? The list here provides a general nuanced overlook of tripod phone mounts that offer variations in their make: magnetic mounting, rubberized grip feet to plant on the ground, size portability to easily fit in pockets or backpacks, and even advanced features like subject tracking. What they all have in common are intuitive retractable fold out functionalities, sturdy grips to hold your phone in place, and a strong quality structure build, so you know you’re getting the quality design of a tripod phone mount first before diving in the specialized features.

Are phone tripods worth it?

If you’re looking for a way to stabilize your phone to capture a long exposure shot, moving object, or just want a hands-free photo, then, yes, phone tripods can be a great tool to up your photo game.


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