Thursday, May 30, 2024
Smart Phones

Boost Infinite Unlimited+ gives you unlimited service and an iPhone 14 (with trade) for $50 per month

On Friday, Dish announced Boost Infinite Unlimited+ for $50 per month. The postpaid plan includes unlimited data, talk, and text, and the iPhone 14 with a device trade-in. The device being traded in must turn on, not be stolen or lost, and anti-theft features must be disabled. The plan is not available to those bringing their own phone, and the iPhone 14 model that subscribers receive with the plan is the 128GB model although it can be upgraded (more on that later).

Those interested in subscribing to the plan can do so now by going to or by clicking on this link. You can add up to 5 lines per account and switch between Infinite Unlimited+ and Infinite Unlimited. The latter is priced at $25 per month and requires subscribers to bring their own phone or buy one from Boost Infinite. You also get unlimited data, talk, and text. Also, subscribers should note that after consuming 30GB within a billing cycle, data can be throttled.

While the iPhone 14 is included with the Infinite Unlimited+ plan, you can upgrade to the iPhone 14 Plus by adding 36 monthly payments of $2.78 a month. Play $4.72 extra a month over 36 months and get the iPhone 14 Pro. And for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, simply tack on 36 monthly payments of $7.50. While these prices are for the 128GB models, you can pay extra to hike your storage to as much as 512GB on the non-Pro models, and 1TB on the Pro variants.

Boost Infinite is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which means that it relies on the AT&T network. Unlike Boost Mobile, which is a prepaid service that you pay each month in advance, Boost Infinite is a postpaid service that bills you for the previous month’s usage.

Jeremy McCarty, Head of Boost Infinite, says, “We developed Boost Infinite to provide an outstanding customer experience and meaningful value to our members, while keeping things simple and straightforward. Now with the introduction of Infinite Unlimited+, we are offering the best option for our members to get iPhone 14. We are excited to add iPhone 14 to our lineup with an impressive camera system, incredible battery life and vital safety capabilities.”


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