Saturday, June 15, 2024

Boox launches new color e-reader and 10.3-inch e-paper notepad

They can run a large variety of Android apps.


Key Takeaways

  • Boox Go 10.3

    Boox is selling two new e-paper tablets: the Go 10.3 for notetaking and reading, and the Go Color 7 for reading only.
  • Both tablets sport Android 12, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage, though the Color 7 has a microSD slot and of course a color display.
  • The Go 10.3 costs $379.99 with its bundled stylus, while the Go Color 7 is $249.99.

Boox on Monday simultaneously announced and launched two new e-paper tablets, led by the Go 10.3. While it uses a monochrome screen, the Go 10.3 is built for both notetaking and reading, and comes with a magnetic stylus called the Pen Plus. Resolution is also a sharp 2480×1860 — 300 pixels per inch — and the entire tablet is only 4.6mm thick. Because it runs Android 12, it’s compatible with many apps from the Google Play Store, although you’ll have to be mindful that it’s equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of non-expandable storage, on top of its display limitations. There’s no playing something like PUBG Mobile, in other words.


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The Go Color 7 is designed purely as an e-reader, complete with water resistance, physical page-turning buttons, and an adjustable front light with warm and cool tones. Its signature feature is of course its 7-inch color e-paper display, capable of 1240×930 (150ppi) resolution in color mode or up to 1680×1264 (300ppi) in black and white. There are some additional perks here — a text-to-speech feature is built in (both devices support USB-C and Bluetooth 5.0 audio, in addition to their integrated speakers), and unlike its sibling the Go Color 7 has a microSD card slot to expand its 64GB of internal storage. It’s once again equipped with Android 12 and 4GB of RAM.

The Boox Go Color 7.What do the new Boox tablets cost?

The Go 10.3 costs $379.99, and as mentioned ships with the Pen Plus magnetic stylus. There’s also a Magnetic Protective Case accessory, which doesn’t yet have a separate price but is being included for free during the pre-order period. The first US deliveries are expected on June 28. Shoppers in Hong Kong can get it as soon as June 11.

The Go Color 7 slots in at $249.99, and is due in the US on June 24. Pre-orders include a Magnetic Cover case. Unlike the Go 10.3, the Color 7 also comes in black or white, though only the black version seems to be available for now. It’s not clear when the white option will go on sale.


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