Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Break up with your smartphone

Up to 75 per cent of mobile phone users consider themselves to be addicted or very heavy users of their phones.

Nearly 90 per cent of people are uncomfortable about leaving their mobile phone at home when they go out – they always take it with them to a point that over 55 per cent of people look at their mobile phones while driving. Now that’s scary – let along illegal in many countries.

The choices you make on where you take your smartphone has a direct bearing on how addicted you feel and your level of concentration.

Here are some ideas to feel less addicted to your smartphone.

Idea 1: Lose it

Create times where you have your smartphone nowhere near you.

Find a location where you can charge your smartphone that is not near you at any stage during the day.

Lock your smartphone in a drawer or cupboard or even in another room where you can’t see it and forget about it.

Hide your phone from your vision – if it’s out of sight you are less attracted.

Along these lines explore all the areas where you don’t need your smartphone.

Idea 2: Ban your smartphone from these locations:

– Don’t take your smartphone to the bedroom – don’t use it as an alarm clock – find an alternate method.

– Don’t take it to the bathroom – others may need access.

– When you have a break, don’t take your smartphone with you – leave it behind and have a technology break as well.

– Family time – don’t compromise your time with the family by spending it on your smartphone.

– Smartphones and dinner don’t mix when dining out or at home – surely you won’t compromise discussion time for a screen?

– Don’t mix using your smartphone with any machinery – vehicles, power tools or other machinery.

They all sound straightforward, but many have issues making the separation.

You don’t need your smartphone at any of these times – don’t compromise!

Follow these most direct tips:

Tip 1 – Don’t have your smartphone with you – place it another room, a drawer or a cupboard.

Tip 2 – Set up a charging station away from you.

Tip 3 – Hide it so you cannot see it.

Tip 4 – No smartphone in the bedroom or bathroom.

Tip 5 – Breaks mean a break from technology too.

Tip 6 – Don’t compromise time with others.

Tip 7 – Never take your smartphone to dinner.

Tip 8 – Machinery and smartphones don’t mix.


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