Sunday, April 14, 2024

Breville the InFizz Fusion review: a fizzing fantastic way to carbonate all things

Breville the InFizz Fusion: Two-minute review

The Breville InFizz Fusion – which would be the Sage InFizz Fusion when it makes its way to the UK – is a SodaStream alternative that can do more than just make sparkling water. It one-ups its popular competitor by allowing you to carbonate any drinkable liquid… as long as it’s not a hot beverage. Whether it’s a juice you want to add some fizz to or prepare a big batch of sparkling sangria, the InFizz Fusion can handle it.

There is a risk of overflow when you’ve mistakenly over-carbonated a particular beverage and are about to open the bottle, but the InFizz Fusion has an unique solution for that. Breville calls it the FusionCap and it’s essentially the gas delivery system as well as the cap that holds the carbonation inside the bottle till you’re ready to serve. It’s a solidly built screw cap that features a tube that’s just about long enough to dip into a minimum of 600ml of liquid and a locking mechanism on the top.

Breville the InFizz Fusion sparkling beverage maker in Brushed Steel

(Image credit: Sharmishta Sarkar / TechRadar)

The FusionCap fits into the InFizz Fusion via a simple tilt-and-twist action – you just align the two arrowheads (one on the cap, the other on the machine) and twist a little. When you’re done fizzing your beverage, move the tilt head up and twist the bottle to release it.


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