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CCSD enhances online presence with new smartphone app – Valley Times-News

CCSD enhances online presence with new smartphone app

Published 10:30 am Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Chambers County School District has released an app with a news feed and an event feed.

Users will have the option to opt-in for notification alerts as well. When the school district needs to send out time sensitive alerts, the app ensures those notifications will go directly to the community. 

“We were looking for a website and app to enhance our online presence and help bring information to the county,” said Technology Director of Chambers County School District Michael Sanders. 

The app functions as a mobile friendly, updated version of the county website. It includes routinely updated information about each school’s lunch menu, athletic and band events for the middle and high schools and afterschool activities. 

“That way, the parents can always know what events are coming up, and the students can know what events are coming up if they want to go support the team,” Sanders said.

Along with the app, the school district will be rolling out a new district website and all new school websites. The Chambers County Schools, AL app is available for both Android and iPhone.


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