Friday, May 24, 2024

ChatGPT’s big, free update with GPT-4o is rolling out now – here’s how to get it

ChatGPT has just got one its biggest updates so far, thanks to a series of new features – powered by a new GPT-4o model – that were announced at its ‘Spring Update’ event. And with comparisons to the virtual assistant in Spike Jonze’s movie Her flying around, you’re probably wondering when you can try it out – well, the answer is a little complicated.

The good news is that GPT-4o, a new multi-modal version of ChatGPT that can “reason across audio, vision, and text in real time” (as the company describes it), is rolling out right now to everyone, including free users. We’ve already got it in our ChatGPT Plus account, albeit only in limited form – for now, OpenAI has only released GPT-4o’s text and image powers, with the cool voice and video-based features coming sometime later.


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