Friday, May 24, 2024
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Check Out Photos of Polestar’s First Smartphone

Ahead of launching the Polestar 5, the electric car company will be officially breaking ground on the smartphone market.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in May 2023, Polestar shared that it was working on developing its own smartphone. The company originally planned to launch the phone by December, though the timeline has since been pushed back.

Ingenlath told CNBC that he wanted to make a car that was like a phone on wheels, along with making the actual phone to pair with it. For instance, if a user has a certain app open on their phone, it’ll automatically open up on the car’s entertainment screen when they start the vehicle.

“Where you have an opportunity to link these two worlds, without any border … then you can really have a seamless transition,” CEO Thomas Ingenlath told CNBC.

The phone is being produced in partnership with Xingji Meizu, a smart devices company backed by the Chinese auto giant Geely. The phone will likely launch in China first and may be exclusive to the region.

Polestar posted its first images of the phone on Weibo, photos that were then shared by Android Police. The first batch of shipments is expected to be sent out at the end of April.


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