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Delicious delights for your eyes and your stomach

Is It Cake is proving popular on Netflix at the moment with bakers whipping up cakes that look like everyday objects. We’ve seen some awesome cakes in our time and after all, what human being doesn’t love a good cake?

Unless you have a horrible wheat or gluten intolerance, you probably wouldn’t turn your nose up at a slice of the good stuff.


If you also happen to be a geek, nerd or fanboy of some sort or another, then what better way to celebrate that fact than with something beautiful, sugary and over-the-top?

We’ve scoured the web for a slice of the very best geek cakes around. Stick with us to see a sugary selection that’s bound to get you salivating.


Best Geek Cakes image 3

If we’re honest, we’re not sure that Alien makes a very appetising or appealing design for a cake.

It hardly makes you want to get chomping, nonetheless, you have to admire the attention to detail here.

Circuit board birthday cake

Best Geek Cakes image 4

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s the logic this man’s wife applied when baking for his birthday. Helping to celebrate his 31st birthday in ultra geeky style.

Simpson’s doughnut

Best Geek Cakes image 5

This geeky cake is actually quite subtle, but is, in fact, a wonderful homage to the Simpsons. A cake that’s made to look like the iconic doughnut from America’s longest-running cartoon sitcom.

Breaking Bad

Best Geek Cakes image 6

Breaking Bad might have finished a while back, but that doesn’t stop it being a classic.

We love how simple this Breaking Bad themed cake is too. Complete with blue meth base. Delicious.

Unicorn cake

Best Geek Cakes image 7

There is a certain breed of geek who adores unicorns. Mythical beasts with magnificent horns. And these creatures are even better in cake form.

This one is especially delightful and tasty too no doubt.

The Witcher

Best Geek Cakes image 8

What’s geekier than a cake of a man in a bathtub? Based on the uber-popular Witcher games, this cake features Geralt of Rivia taking a relaxing dip.

The question is, could you bear the glare he’s giving you as you try to cut a slice out of his waters?

Princess Jasmine

Best Geek Cakes image 9

Ok, so this one is not technically a cake but is instead an Apple Pie. That still counts, doesn’t it?

Especially if it’s emblazoned with a Disney icon. Perfect for Disney geeks.

Yoda fondant

Best Geek Cakes image 10

Attention to detail is key when creating geeky masterpieces.

This little Yoda cake topping is brilliantly crafted, seems a shame to utterly destroy it by smashing it into your mouth.

Geode cake

Best Geek Cakes image 11

If you’re the kind of geek that’s more of a fan of crystal and mineral formations than other geeky hobbies, then this blue geode cake is bound to please.

Cat in the cake

Best Geek Cakes image 12
triflindrew/Crumbs & Crumble

Dr. Seuss’ classic Cat in the Hat books are iconic, awesomely memorable children’s books. They’re weirdly geeky and perfect for a cake makeover. This magnificent thing is the result.

Minecraft cake

Best Geek Cakes image 13

Minecraft never seems to wane in popularity. Apparently creating a cake based on the block-based video game is fairly easy, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Yoda and Lego?

Best Geek Cakes image 14

A close look at this birthday cake and you’ll see not only a Star Wars theme – with Yoda standing tall and proud – but also a spot of Lego too.

Chocolate Lego bricks surround the base of these magnificent cake, perfect for anyone who loves two things or maybe particularly enjoys Lego Star Wars.

Moon Landing

Best Geek Cakes image 15

A delicious way to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing and a brilliantly geeky pie as well.

The Iron Giant

Best Geek Cakes image 16

Whether you remember the books or the film more fondly, the Iron Giant is instantly recognisable and hopefully fills you with geeky nostalgia. It certainly does us. You have to admire the detail and quality of this cake if nothing else.

More Potter

Best Geek Cakes image 17

This Redditor’s grandma has some serious baking skills and love for Harry Potter too. Another brilliantly detailed cake that looks too good to eat.

Peter Rabbit

Best Geek Cakes image 18

Another classic children’s story in cake form. Peter Rabbit is not necessarily a geeky tale, but the person who made the cake is almost certainly a cake geek. The level of effort that must have gone into this creation.

Lens cake

Best Geek Cakes image 19

Photographers with a lens obsession are certainly another kind of geek. Uber geeks with a passion for f stop numbers, focal lengths, ISOs and more. This lens cake is the perfect creation for them and a lot cheaper than a new lens too.

Super Mario

Best Geek Cakes image 20

No sign of Mario himself, but this cake is still fantastic – though we are worried the little Bob-ombs will explode any time now.

Captain Teemo

Best Geek Cakes image 21

Love a bit of Pokemon? Then you’ll no doubt be impressed by this cake design complete with Captain Teemo, pokeballs and more.


Best Geek Cakes image 22
Imogen Davison/sugarbuttonscakes

Instagrammer Sugarbuttonscakes is a dab hand at wedding cakes, but also apparently has a flair for other styles too. Including this incredibly detailed Greedo likeness.

Rick and Morty

Best Geek Cakes image 23

Instagrammer nekrepps baked this delicious gem of a Rick and Morty cake for her boyfriend’s birthday. We’d imagine she won some serious brownie points with this wonderful effort.

Baby Groot

Best Geek Cakes image 24

This delicious Guardians of the Galaxy themed cake might sport a small baby Groot, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand tall. Apparently, this Groot sat at 14 inches and was lovingly constructed of vanilla sponge cake, buttercream and chocolate ganache.

Mr Meeseeks

Best Geek Cakes image 25

He’s Mr Meeseeks, look at him!

Mary (@thistastylife) runs one of those Instagram accounts that torments you with endless photos of various foodstuffs that will have you salivating over your phone.

She’s also a fantastic baker, as proved by this Mr Meeseeks cake complete with Meeseeks box. He’s Mr Meeseeks, look at him!


Best Geek Cakes image 26

We’re thoroughly impressed by cakemama2584’s cake based creation of R2D2.

It even looks like the little bot has been through the wringer and is actually in active service too. Which is impressive.


Best Geek Cakes image 27

If you thought the other Yoda on the list was impressive, then this one is something else. One of many incredible creations by the Amazing Cake Company – an account that doesn’t have nearly enough followers on Instagram based on the amazing cake images they share.


Best Geek Cakes image 28

Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca sadly passed away recently, but we’re sure if he was still with us he’d be impressed by this cake creation. Yet another awesomely geeky cake creation based on characters from the Star Wars universe.


Best Geek Cakes image 29

When you need a great cake, who you gonna call? Apparently, the Amazing Cake Company would be a good start. Especially if you’re a Ghostbusters fan.

Peter Rabbit again

Best Geek Cakes image 30

Another impressive Peter Rabbit creation, complete with a neat little jacket, carrot and incredible furry lines. Almost too good to eat, just like a lot of the cakes on our list.


Best Geek Cakes image 31

This sugary vision of Sonic the Hedgehog is certainly bound to have more fans than the new CGI version of him that appeared in the trailer for the upcoming film.


Best Geek Cakes image 32
Britt Bentley

We can all agree that Ryan Reynolds is awesome at playing Deadpool and we hope you’ll agree that Britt Bentley is also awesome at baking cakes.

This wonderfully cute and geeky cake was baked for a 16th birthday and includes vanilla buttercream, fondant and candy melt too.

Pickle Rick

Best Geek Cakes image 33

We’re not sure pickles and cake mix, but Rick and Morty fans are bound to love this version of Pickle Rick. The attention to detail is amazing. We’re a bit concerned he might try to eat us rather than the other way around.

The Beholder

Best Geek Cakes image 34

Somehow this list of the best geeky cakes has ended up with quite a few different cakes that look amazing, but aren’t that appetising at first glance. Like this fictional multi-eyed beast with a mass of gnashers. Terrifying but superbly detailed.

Super Nintendo

Best Geek Cakes image 35

Fan of retro consoles? How about this magnificent Nintendo styled cake? It’s a thing of beauty, but we have a feeling you’d have to do more than blow on the cartridges to get them to work.

Duck Hunt

Best Geek Cakes image 36

A classic game reimagined in cake form. Complete with lightgun, dog and ducks too. This cake fills us with happy nostalgia feelings and makes our stomach rumble too.

Harry Potter

Best geek cakes image 2

“It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” Dumbledore was a wise one for sure. Don’t just sit there daydreaming about a magnificent cake, just get up and make one. Or maybe pop out to the shops and get someone else to do it for you if you cannot bake.

One doughnut to rule them all

Best Geek Cakes photo 37

A deliciously geeky ring doughnut complete with lettering from The Lord of the Rings. Give me the precious! I must have it.

Rug rats

Best Geek Cakes photo 38

Not technically a cake, but still worth an honourable mention. These cookies will bring back great feelings of nostalgia for 90s kids.

Ninja Turtles

Ninja turtle

Christine Leaming

If you need inspiration for a magnificently geeky cake then Christine Leaming, aka @sweetsgeekycakes is a person to turn to. She creates all sorts of magnificent cakes, including this hyper-realistic image of Ninja Turtle Leonardo.


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