Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Destiny 2 tops Steam charts with sky-high player counts ahead of The Final Shape

What you need to know

  • After falling to a new all-time low player count in November 2023, Destiny 2 has begun to go through a large resurgence in recent weeks.
  • The game has averaged around 100,000 concurrent players on Steam during peak gaming hours since early April, and it’s currently in first place on Steam’s Top Sellers chart. It’s also the 12th most-played game on Xbox right now, according to Microsoft data.
  • The space fantasy shooter’s comeback can largely be attributed to the excellence of the free and content-rich midseason Into the Light update, as well as hype for all the exciting additions and changes coming when The Final Shape launches next week on June 4.
  • Some of these include the impressive Prismatic subclass that will allow players to wield and combine abilities from multiple different Light and Darkness subclasses, new Aspects and Supers for buildcrafting, and a number of tweaks that will significantly lower the barrier to entry for new and inexperienced Guardians.

Over seven months ago back in November, I wrote an article reporting on Destiny 2’s player count falling to a new all-time low at the time. I wasn’t surprised by the game’s struggles at all back then, as 2023’s Lightfall DLC was fiercely criticized for having a terrible story and a mediocre raid, Year 6’s first two seasons were “just OK,” and meaningful, much-needed updates for trite core systems in Destiny 2 still hadn’t been implemented (or even announced). Though there was hope that the incoming Season of the Wish would be enjoyable (it was), the community was looking to the delayed The Final Shape DLC and the rest of Destiny’s future with a lot of pessimism — especially in the wake of developer Bungie laying off 8% of its staff.

Fast-forward over half a year later to where we are now, though, and one look at Destiny 2’s recent success on Steam makes it clear that Bungie has done plenty to turn the ship around. Since early April, the space fantasy looter shooter has maintained a consistent average of around 100,000 concurrent players during peak gaming hours, routinely putting it in the platform’s top 10 most-played games list. It also currently holds the top position in Steam’s Top Sellers chart — likely indicative of skyrocketing preorders for The Final Shape — and is #12 on the official most-played Xbox games list, too. But just like I wasn’t surprised about the game’s shortcomings months ago, I’m not shocked to see this bounceback after seeing (and engaging with) everything the studio’s done to win players back.


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