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Do AirTags need to be charged?

An AirTag attached on a keyring
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Trackers are common these days, and Apple AirTags are undoubtedly one of the most popular. These small, round devices help find lost or misplaced items like wallets, keys, or bags.

However, many people wonder if these battery-powered devices need to be charged. So, do they? We’ll explore that (and more) below.

Do you need to charge AirTags?

Person holding an Apple AirTag.

The battery in an AirTag is not rechargeable. Therefore, once the battery becomes exhausted, it needs to be replaced. Unlike other Apple gadgets, there’s no Lightning or USB-C port you can use to plug an AirTag in to juice its battery back up.

While that may sound like a problem, it really isn’t. AirTags use a readily available replaceable battery that’s relatively inexpensive, and it’s not something you need to worry about very often.

What kind of batteries are in AirTags, and how long do they last?

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The AirTag battery is a standard, replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery. Apple says the battery should last approximately one year when used normally. When the battery is running low, you will receive a notification on your iPhone to replace the battery.

To replace your AirTag battery, just twist the back cover off, replace the old battery with a new one, and twist the cover back on. It’s important to note that if you don’t replace the battery promptly, the AirTag will stop working and will need to be reset using the instructions provided by Apple. Don’t worry; it’s a pain-free process that only takes a few seconds!

How can you secure your AirTag?

Nomad Apple TV Siri Leather Cover.
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AirTags alone cannot be attached to an item. To attach them, you need an AirTag accessory. These accessories come in various forms, such as keychains, straps, loops, cases, mounts, wallet rings, and more. They are designed to securely hold the AirTag in place, making it easy to attach to your items.

For example, you can use an AirTag keychain to attach an AirTag to your keys or a strap to attach it to your backpack. You can even use a case to protect the AirTag from scratches and damage. Some AirTag accessories are stylish and customizable, while others are designed to be practical and functional.

There is even an AirTag accessory that doubles as an Apple Remote cover, which makes it convenient to keep track of the small controller. With so many AirTag accessories, you can find the perfect one to fit your needs and style.

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