Monday, May 20, 2024
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Don’t allow children to carry mobile phones to school, parents urged

The Directorate of Education on Thursday issued an advisory requesting parents to ensure that their children do not carry a mobile phone to the school premises.

The schools have also been asked to make adequate arrangements for the safe custody of mobile phones using lockers or others system, where these can be deposited and returned to the students while leaving for home.

“Mobile phones should strictly not be allowed in the classrooms. Further, teachers and other staff are refrained from using mobiles during the teaching-learning activities,” the advisory read.

It added that although a mobile phone its one of the most commonly used gadgets, overuse of smartphone can result in higher levels of depression, anxiety, social isolation, hyper-activity, hyper-tension, sleep loss and poor eyesight.

“It can cause distractions in the learning process and can negatively impact academic performance, life satisfaction, face-to-face conversation quality, connection and closeness. Further, the incidents of bullying and harassment, transmission of explicit images photographing, recording or uploading inappropriate contents are also likely negatives that are detrimental to the social fabric as well as future of a child,”the DoE said calling for the regulation of its use.

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