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Don’t need the latest model? Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is $99

A woman does yoga while wearing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The best smartwatches are a great option for fitness enthusiasts, as are the best fitness trackers. Many of them are quite expensive, however, which makes something like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 enticing if you aren’t interested in all of the latest bells and whistles. Currently the Galaxy Watch 4 is discounted to just $99 for an early Black Friday discount at Walmart, which is a savings of $50 from its regular price of $149. Walmart is including free shipping with a purchase as well.

Why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

A good smartwatch typically offers all sorts of fitness tracking capabilities in addition to some features you often find on your smart phone, such as messaging and music controls. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can do a lot of what you’d expect from the newest smartwatches, despite now being a couple of generations old. There are more recent Samsung releases such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 that aren’t necessarily as enticing, particularly if you’re shopping on a budget. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 still holds up in terms of style, functionality, and features, and it still makes a great option to help you keep up with your health goals.

The Galaxy Watch 4 could still be considered a premium smartwatch. It expands on previous generations when it comes to sleep tracking and workout tracking, being able to do these with advanced detail, and without the need to tell it to do so. It’s capable of providing body composition analysis, which will help you crush your wellness goals with body readings right on your wrist. And Galaxy Watch 4 makes a great alternative to the likes of the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch SE 2, particularly if you already have other Samsung devices. The Galaxy Watch 4 easily slips right into the Samsung ecosystem, automatically syncing with all of your other Samsung devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a pretty affordable smartwatch, regularly coming in at just $149. However, with this Black Friday deal at Walmart you can slap it on your wrist for just $99. That’s a savings of $50, and Walmart is including free shipping as well.

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