Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Don’t Rely on the Google Pixel Watch Alarm – Review Geek

A close-up of the Pixel Watch with a green wrist band.

Have a Google Pixel Watch? If you enjoy all the many features on the watch, but notice alarms don’t seem to work right, you’re not alone. Several reports claim Google’s Pixel Watch is late to alert users with an alarm, which is troubling if you’re trying to wake up and get to work.

For now, users still can’t sync alarms from a phone to the watch, which means many owners end up using Google’s clock app on the watch itself. That would be fine if the Pixel Watch weren’t consistently being late to alert wearers.

Several reports all over Reddit say the Pixel Watch alarm app isn’t going off at the right time. Some users claim the watch alarm or vibration goes off too early, but most complain about alarms being missed by over ten minutes.

According to 9to5Google, the problem could stem from watches being in sleep or bedtime mode, as most complaints say it didn’t go off in the morning. Suggesting Google’s smartwatch could be going into a deep sleep during inactivity, then not working as expected.

Basically, if the watch isn’t actively being used, it’ll occasionally struggle to alert owners with the alarm app accurately. Pixel Watch users setting an alarm throughout the day aren’t experiencing similar issues.

We’re not sure when this problem started, but hopefully, Google can work up a fix in a future software update. For now, don’t rely on your Pixel Watch to get you to work on time.

via 9to5Google


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