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Drivers warned as parking spaces replaced with ‘street furniture & flowerbeds’ by councils – is your town affected?

COUNCILS are replacing parking spaces with street furniture and flowerbeds – is your town affected?

Local authorities say that cars unfairly dominate high streets and town centres, but business owners fear these changes will impact them negatively.

Local residents in the London borough of Hackney use a 'park-let' space in their street


Local residents in the London borough of Hackney use a ‘park-let’ space in their streetCredit: The Times

Lambeth in South London plans to transform 25% of its kerbside parking spaces into elements that ‘improve community’ as part of a plan to mitigate climate change.

And the council also intends to eliminate free parking spaces and double the price of parking permits, increasing their revenue from £6 million to £12 million, the Daily Mail reports.

But it’s not the only council that is trying to make driver’s life a little bit harder.

Motorists in London have been hit by Sadiqu Khan’s £33million Low Traffic Neighbour scheme.

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They have implemented cycle lane segregation and banned turns at several junctions.

And Haringey Council has been accused of using motorists as ‘cash cows’ during the cost of living crisis by bringing in low-traffic neighbourhoods.

In North London, more than 32,000 fines have been issued to drivers in St Ann’s district.

Apparently, thousands of motorists were using seven restricted roads without permits.

Shockingly, Hackney Council is set to ban most vehicles from 75% of its roads as it expands its network of low-traffic neighbourhoods.

In Birmingham, the local council intends to reallocate space, possibly towards buildings rather than parking.

And there are plans to remove 18 parking places from one of the main shopping districts in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, to make space for trees and benches.

James Street is one of the most popular areas for shopping in Harrogate.

According to a recent survey, 184 people believe the plan will drive customers from Harrogate to other towns or cities.

And 104 believe the loss of parking spots will impact local companies.

Ben Ogden, 48, who runs a jewellery business, Ogden of Harrogate, on James Street, told The Times: “People want to park on the street outside our shop; they do not want to carry their bags up dingy stairwells in multistorey car parks.”

In Farnham, there are two town centre proposals, each of which calls for broader sidewalks and supports the elimination of ‘unnecessary street clutter’.

Meaning more space for new planting, public seating and outside dining to make the town centre ‘a nicer environment’.

Cafe culture has spread onto the street in Louth’s Cornmarket


Cafe culture has spread onto the street in Louth’s CornmarketCredit: MEN Media


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