Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Dying Light 2 kicks off gore war against Dead Island 2 in Gut Feeling Update

What you need to know

  • Dying Light 2’s new Gut Feeling Update overhauls the game’s combat to make it much gorier, while also adding a variety of new highly requested features.
  • The game’s new gore systems are very similar to Dead Island 2’s F.L.E.S.H., with many fans comparing the two melee-focused zombie titles and kicking off a “gore war.”
  • The Gut Feeling Update also adds gear transmog, weapon crafting, new in-game bounties, and a new player hub website called the Pilgrim Outpost where players can earn Pilgrim Coins and purchase new gear for their character with them.
  • The update’s full patch notes can be found in the section at the bottom of this article.

While the parkour-heavy zombie game Dying Light 2: Stay Human was generally well-received when it launched on Xbox, Windows PC, and other platforms last year, one thing fans disliked about the sequel was the feel of its combat. Compared to developer Techland’s original game, Dying Light 2 didn’t have nearly as much gore or dismemberment, and as a result, many felt that cutting through hordes of the infected wasn’t very satisfying. Now, though, Techland has addressed those criticisms with the Gut Feeling Update — a huge patch for the game that overhauls its physics and the brutality of its gameplay, while also adding a variety of other highly requested features.

The highlight of the update is the goretastic revamp of Dying Light 2’s action, as fights are now significantly bloodier and players can maim and butcher zombies in a variety of ways. Techland has added new visual and sound effects to sell the viciousness of the combat, too, including plenty of visible bones and innards. It’s actually quite similar to the incredible Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids (F.L.E.S.H.) in Dead Island 2, which launched after a tumultuous nine-year development cycle just a day after the Gut Feeling Update came out. 


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