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Dyson’s V11 Plus Cordless Vacuum is on Sale with a 35% Off Today

With spring almost here, you can now pick up some phenomenal vacuum cleaners to prepare your home for the season. If you prefer a cordless stick vacuum, Dyson has a wide range of popular cleaners, and among those include the new Dyson V11 Plus, which has its price returned to the second-best recorded of $469 on Amazon.

The deal ultimately slashes 35 percent off the original price of the Dyson V11 Plus, which is listed at $719. Keep in mind the offer is good until supplies last, and as of this writing, a third of the total units have already been sold. Hence, you might act quickly to secure the savings.

Why Dyson V11 Plus is a top cordless vacuum choice

The Dyson V11 Plus is relatively a new high-end cordless vacuum for deep cleaning which just came to the scene along with other V11 versions last year. But as for the ‘Plus’, it means you’re getting the most powerful vacuum from the series. Dyson says it has 60 percent more suction power as compared to the V8 while retaining the same 60-minute run time between charges.

In terms of cleaning, its cordless form adds versatility as it lets you cover all floor types and hard-to-reach areas without worrying about the cable’s length when compared to wired vacuum alternatives. There is also a bright and legible LCD screen that displays the battery status and current mode enabled.

Dyson V11 Plus cordless stick vacuum cleaner
Dyson V11 Plus has three cleaning modes. / © Dyson

Like with other high-end vacuums from Dyson, it comes with a custom motorbar head cleaner that is great in getting rid or human or pet hairs. This detangles the hairs first before suctioning into the bagless dust bin. However, the V11 Plus is bundled with other tools to replace the head that better adapts to the type of surface and space you’re cleaning.

Do you think a cordless vacuum would be a suitable cleaner in your home or flat? Let us also hear if you want to see more vacuum deals from nextpit.


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