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Early Google Pixel Fold 2 picture leaks revealing OnePlus Open inspired redesign

The alleged Pixel Fold 2 with what appears to be four rear-facing cameras. (Image source: Android Authority - edited)
The alleged Pixel Fold 2 with what appears to be four rear-facing cameras. (Image source: Android Authority – edited)

The first image of Google’s next-generation foldable smartphone has now leaked online. Provided by a reliable source, the image shows that little remains of the original Pixel Fold. Quite the opposite, the Pixel Fold 2 looks more like the OnePlus Open with a narrower and taller body, an overhauled cover display but four rear-facing cameras.

Android Authority and Mishaal Rahman have delivered more information about a second-generation Pixel Fold, shortly after revealing various hardware specifications and codename details. Supposedly, the pair have obtained the image from the same source that provided previous information, which included the adoption of a Tensor G4 chipset, 16 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and at least 256 GB of UFS 4.0 flash storage. While the image below is cropped weirdly, particularly in its bottom right-hand corner, Rahman offered the following explanation on Twitter:

If you’re wondering why the corners (especially the bottom right corner) look funny, it’s because the original background was cropped out (obviously). The bottom right corner especially suffered because the original photo didn’t have it fully in frame.

At any rate, it seems the Google has decided to ditch most of the Pixel Fold’s design elements, including its squat form factor and hinge mechanism. Instead, the Pixel Fold 2 arguably looks more like the OnePlus Open thanks to it pronounced frame design that curves around its back panel and outer display around its hinge. Likewise, the Pixel Fold 2 has more of a OnePlus Open form factor, with a taller but narrower chassis than the original Pixel Fold (curr. $1,399 on Amazon).

As such, the Pixel Fold 2 has a more conventional cover display rather than the 5.8-inch and 17.4:9 equivalent in its predecessor. Another stand-out change is the former’s rear camera set-up, which appears to include an extra sensor over the triple-lens array in last year’s Pixel Fold. Additionally, the Pixel Fold 2 lacks Google’s recognisable camera bar, with an unremarkable and large squircle equivalent seen in its place. For now, the rumour of a Tensor G4 chipset suggests that Google will push the release of the Pixel Fold 2 until fall 2024, likely alongside the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro and the Pixel Watch 3.

(Image source: Android Authority - edited)
(Image source: Android Authority – edited)

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