Friday, May 24, 2024

Eureka E10s review: a hybrid vacuum and mop system for everyday cleaning

Eureka E10s: two-minute review

The E10s is Eureka’s mid-range robot vacuum, offering every feature you need. Its vacuuming and mopping capability is complimented by a bagless self-emptying dust station, real-time mapping, and customizable cleaning schedules.

The vacuum strength can be adjusted to suit the debris that needs picking up, but even at the strongest 4,000Pa of suction, there was still litter left behind. Freshly dropped crumbs and dirt were generally fine, but more stubborn walked-in dirt couldn’t be captured. The noise at this level of suction also becomes a problem, especially if you’re trying to relax at the same time or make sure the children stay asleep. This lack of high-end performance means you’ll still need one of the best vacuum cleaners for those deeper cleans, though generally speaking no robotic cleaner can ever live up the the best vacuum cleaners in terms of suction power.


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