Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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F1 Manager 23 Review: Unrealised potential

There’s a very good chance if you’re reading this that you’re an F1 fan and you now have more ways than ever to enjoy the sport, from the live racing, to Drive to Survive and the games with F1 23 and now, F1 Manager 23. F1 23 is a solid game that allows you to fulfil your virtual racing dreams. But what if you don’t want to do any racing? What if you love F1 but racing games aren’t your thing? Well, that’s where F1 Manager 23 comes in.

Last year saw the release of the first F1 Manager which laid out a solid basis on how to do an F1 management game. There were however a number of areas that people wanted to see expanded and improved, so now we have F1 Manager 23 here to do just that. It brings a raft of improvements and new features that really make the game a more compelling experience.

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