Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Facebook now allows users to have multiple personal profiles

Facebook has just announced that its users can now create multiple personal profiles, each with its own unique Feed with relevant content that can be switched between without having to log in.

The new feature is very useful to those who would like to separate different hobbies they would like to pursue and share with their friends and family. Here is how it’s done:

  • Choose a name and have an @username for up to four additional personal profiles.
  • Connect with the people or communities you choose so each profile has a unique Feed with relevant content and shared interests.
  • Easily switch between your profiles, with no login required.

It also makes it easier to keep personal and professional relationships separate, as well as keep one profile tied to a community and another just for friends. The new feature comes with the ability to organize who you share with and what content you see on each of your profile’s Feed.According to Facebook, the ability to create multiple personal profiles is starting to roll out globally today and will continue over the next few months, so be patient if you don’t see it right away.

It’s also important to add that some Facebook features like Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode and payments will not be available to additional personal profiles at launch.

However, you will be able to use messaging within the Facebook app and on the web for additional personal profiles. Facebook says that it will expand Messenger support for additional profiles in the coming months. Keep in mind that the option to an additional personal profile will only be available to eligible adult accounts.


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