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Galaxy S24 vs Pixel 8: battle of the friendly competitors


Believe it or not, we are less than three months away from 2024, and as is tradition, we will be seeing Samsung’s flagship lineup soon after the clocks hit 00:00 on New Year’s eve. Of course, we are talking about the Galaxy S24 series, which the South Korean tech giant is rumored to release a bit earlier this time around, in January instead of February.
So, since we are so close to the S24’s expected announcement, it feels appropriate to compare what we have learned so far about it with the freshly released Google Pixel 8. How do these two manufacturers individually approach creating their vanilla flagships?

We will be addressing all aspects including the looks/design as well as performance and software, with both aspects being quite different between these two phones despite the fact that you are rocking an Android device no matter which one you go for. The pricing also plays a big role here, as there’s a good chance the Pixel 8 launch price will remain $100 less than the S24’s.

Galaxy S24 vs Pixel 8 expectations:

  • Tensor G3 vs Snapdragon Gen 3/Exynos 2400
  • Two completely different designs
  • Triple camera system vs two cameras on Pixel 8
  • Higher base storage on the S24
  • Larger battery on the Pixel

Table of Contents:

Design and Size

Block vs pebble
Google continues to stick to its tried and tested standout design that came with the Pixel 6, with some small changes such as thinner bezels and more oval edges on the Pixel 8. If the rumors are true, however, the Galaxy S24 will introduce a more substantial change in the form of flat sides and a flat display (very similar to the iPhone 15).

The most recognizable feature on a phone, its cameras, is probably the place where the difference in aesthetics will continue to be most visible between the Android duo, with the Galaxy S24 sticking to the “floating” cameras vs the Pixel 8‘s camera bar.

As for the size difference, Samsung’s vanilla flagship has been one of the best compact phones on the market for a few years now, and the company will most likely continue this trend. The dimensions have not changed almost at all with the last generations, and we don’t expect anything different this year either. In other words, expect the S24 to be noticeably smaller when placed next to the Pixel 8.

The Pixel 8 comes with glass back and front panels, an aluminum frame, and an IP68 water and dust resistance certification, and the Galaxy S24 is expected to have the same characteristics.

Colors-wise, the Pixel has just three options: Hazel, Obsidian and Rose. In contrast, Samsung is usually more generous with the color variants for its flagship series, so we expect there to be more variety with the Galaxy S24. For now the Galaxy S24 colors are said to be Phantom White, Phantom Purple, Phantom Black, Gold.

Display Differences

There is practically no difference between the display on the Pixel 8 and the one that the Galaxy S24 is said to come with. Both are capable of a high 120Hz refresh rate, they are 6.2-inch OLEDs, and can get super bright. The Pixel 8 has already built a reputation for having one of the most exemplary displays this year, and we fully expect the next vanilla Galaxy flagship from Samsung to match that success.

Performance and Software

Higher performance vs longer support
Both the freshly released Pixel 8 and the upcoming Galaxy S24 are equipped with a 4nm chipset. However, history has shown us that Google’s Tensor G chips usually don’t fair as well as the competition, including the Snapdragon silicon said to be included in next year’s S24. Suffice it to say, we expect the S24’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 to perform better than Google’s Tensor G3.

As for RAM, the Pixel 8‘s base model comes with 6GB, while the Galaxy S24 is said to have 8GB no matter which storage option you go for.

Despite the difference in horsepower these two phones will probably have, we still think that the overall user experience will be quite similar between the two, which is to say smooth and pleasant. It is only when doing more GPU-taxing tasks such as playing graphically intensive games where we might see a noticeable difference in performance.

Another area where Samsung would be expected to win is with the software support, as in previous years it was even better than what Google offered for its own phones. However, things have changed, and Google made waves this year by promising 7 years of software updates and security patches for the Pixel 8. There is no word yet whether Samsung would try to match that, but as it stands right now the South Korean tech giant promises 4 years of OS updates and 5 years of security patches for its high-end phones. 


Futuristic software features vs dedicated hardware

The Pixel 8 comes with an outstanding main camera, as is tradition with Pixel phones. That being said, the Galaxy S24 will likely be no slouch either, and like it’s been for years now, it will have one extra dedicated telephoto camera, unlike the Pixel (or the iPhone for that matter). The third camera on the Samsung’s back has always been a major benefit for the vanilla Galaxy flagships.

Unfortunately, so far there have been no rumors coming from trustworthy sources saying that there will be any new hardware to adorn the S24’s camera system, which means we are getting the same 50 + 12 + 10MP for the main, ultra-wide, and telephoto snappers at the back.
If the image quality from these three cameras on the S24 are similar to its predecessor, then the Pixel 8 might turn out to be the one that comes out on top, although that is overall a matter of personal preference when it comes to the best phones on the market, as each one throws a different jab at tackling smartphone photography.

One thing that’s for sure, though, is that the zooming capability will be superior on the S24 thanks to its dedicated 3X telephoto camera.

Google introduced something called Video Boost this year, which elevates videos by sending them into the company’s cloud infrastructure where it works its AI magic to transform the footage. There have been reports hinting that Samsung will also be focusing on software with the S24 next year, so we will have to wait and see if something similar pops up.

Also, the Video Boost feature on the Pixel 8 is not available yet (coming in December), so we don’t know for sure how well it will perform either.

Audio Quality and Haptics

During our review of the Galaxy S23 at the beginning of this year we noticed that the sound its dual speakers were producing had improved compared to the predecessor, so we don’t expect any upgrades with the S24, as the new audio experience of the S23 is already amazing.
The Pixel 8, on the other hand, while its speakers get loud and the sound is quite clear, lacks a bit of oomph compared to the S23, so we expect the situation to remain the same when we compare it to the Galaxy S24.

Haptics on both phones should feel mostly the same in terms of strength and accuracy, although the Pixel 8 might turn out to have a stronger vibration motor, as this year’s generation felt a bit different on that front.

Battery Life and Charging

Pixel might have longer battery life

The Pixel 8 comes with an allegedly larger battery at 4,575 mAh and it showcased great battery life when we put it through our tests. In general, the Pixel sips less battery than the Galaxy, and this trend might remain with the Galaxy S24, but it is important to mention that for that somewhat lower battery life you do get a higher level of performance, so things kind of balance out. The Galaxy S24 is said to come with a 4,000 mAh battery.

Charging-wise, if Samsung doesn’t finally step up its game, the two phones will take about the same amount of time to charge, no matter whether you go for wired or wireless charging. Both also support reverse-wireless charging, which means you can use either to charge something like your Bluetooth earbuds or your smartwatch.

Specs Comparison

Here is a quick overview of the specs for both phones, but don’t forget we have a more detailed Galaxy S24 vs Pixel 8 specs page where you can see all of the information you need.

From what we have learned about the upcoming Galaxy S24 so far, specs-wise it won’t be too different from the Pixel 8. The only real difference between the two is that the Pixel lacks a third (telephoto) camera on the back, and it comes with a different processor which, mind you, will probably be less powerful than the ones on the S24.


Google and Samsung are like two brothers leading the Android phone market, both with their own unique approach that differentiates them from each other. No matter which one you look at you are getting one of the best experiences on Android you can find right now.

The thing is, though, Google is the one that makes things exciting nowadays, maybe because the company entered the smartphone game (at least when it comes to its Pixel phones) quite a bit later. The Pixel 8 comes with witty new features that might seem like gimmicks at first but are actually useful in a users’s everyday life.

The Galaxy S24 will without a doubt be a great phone that covers everything you can expect from a Samsung flagship: awesome display, great camera performance, speed… At this point, however, it feels like the company needs to do something more, something creative to make itself stand out, as Google has, for all intends and purposes, almost caught up spec-wise, on top of having more character in its phones. 


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