Sunday, July 21, 2024

Get the M2 Apple Mac Mini With 512 GB Storage for $110 Off

Apple Mac Mini sitting on a table
Josh Hendrickson / How-To Geek

Apple introduced an updated Mac Mini in January, with the company’s latest M2 chipset and a new lower price. Now you can get the upgraded 512 GB model for $690 from Amazon, a $110 discount from the original price.

The new Mac Mini looks exactly like all the previous Mac Mini computers: a minimalistic small aluminum box with rounded edges. The latest revision swaps out the chipset for the latest Apple M2 chip, which is also found in the current MacBook Air13-inch MacBook Pro, and iPad Pro. That gives the Mac Mini incredible performance while consuming very little power, allowing you to do everything from typical productivity work to 4K video editing, usually with the fan staying quiet or not running at all. You can even play some games.

The base Mac Mini normally costs $599, and ships with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. The upgraded model on sale has double the storage, giving you 512 GB of fast SSD storage for all your files and applications. The internal storage isn’t upgradable (nor is the RAM), but if you need more room after that, the Mac Mini’s Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 ports can both push 40Gb/s.

This upgraded model still has 8 GB RAM, which is annoying, but not as bad as a comparable Windows PC with the same amount of memory. You are also limited to two displays, maxing out at 6K @ 60Hz over Thunderbolt, or 4K @ 60Hz over HDMI. If you need three screens, you have to get a Mac Mini with the M2 Pro chip, which starts at $1,300.


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