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Get the most from your new PS5 headset

Sony has finally replaced its PSVR headset with a new model that embraces huge advances in virtual reality tech.

The PlayStation V2 is a massive improvement on the original and works exclusively with the PlayStation 5 to provide premium VR gaming experiences. And, if you’ve taken the plunge or thinking about doing so, we’ve come up with some handy hints and tips to help you eke more from the headset.


Note that, if you want to adjust any of the settings, the headset will only appear in the PS5 menu when switched on, so you’ll likely have to alter them while wearing it.


Charge the Sense controllers

It may seem blindingly obvious, but there’s nothing worse than putting the headset on after getting it out of the box of the first time and finding out that you can’t actually do anything because the new Sense controllers don’t have enough charge.

PlayStation VR2-14


The PS5 actually warns you if there’s not enough power in the controllers to cope, so we advise popping each controller on charge before you start. You only get one USB-A to USB-C charging cable, so it’s worth hunting down another to charge them at the same time.

Ensure a good fit

Considering the PlayStation VR2 is made from hard plastic with padding only on the headband, you really need a secure fit. If the facepiece slips or moves around, not only might it let in light through the concertinaed silicone guard, it can feel abrasive on the bridge of your nose.

The headband therefore needs to sit around the top of your neck at the rear and rest on your forehead at the front. A button on the headset allows the facepiece to move forward, while one on the rear of the band allows you to stretch that out backwards. Then, you can use the dial on the rear to ensure a tighter fit.

Also make sure the headset isn’t wonky on your face as the eye tracking feature requires it to be placed horizontally.

Make sure you have enough room – reset your play area

Another obvious one this, but you need to ensure that you have enough room to play before you start.

There are three modes that you can set the headset up for: sitting, standing still, and roomscale (standing with movement). Different games allow for play using one, two or all three of these methods, so you need to be aware of what’s required for them.

To play in a sitting position or while standing still, you need a minimum play area of 1-metre by 1-metre. The headset will map your zone depending on the mode, so you know where the boundaries are.

If you want to move around while playing, in roomscale mode, you will need a minimum play area of 2-metres by 2-metres. Not all games support it though.

It’s also worth ensuring that you’ve moved furniture or obstacles out of the way before mapping your room as the headset will take them into account when setting the play area.


Pocket-lint / Sony Interactive Entertainment

If you want to rest the playing area again at any point, you can find the option in Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Set Play Area.

Adjust the lenses and re-calibrate eye tracking

A dial on the top of the headset unit can move the lenses inwards to not only bring things into better focus, but for the eye tracking to work effectively.

PlayStation VR2-17


What we found was that, when someone else has a go on the PSVR2, they are likely to have moved the dial so you’ll have to reset it. Then, head to the PS5 accessories section in your console’s settings and re-calibrate the eye tracking feature.

Make sure you turn the Sense controllers off after use

You can exit the PSVR2 experience by simply turning the headset off (via the button underneath). However, the Sense controllers will not turn off when you do so.

Instead, you need to turn them off manually through the PlayStation 5 menu in the same way you switch off a DualSense controller – otherwise you’ll find their batteries repleted next time you want to play,

Of course, if you turn off the PlayStation 5 itself, the Sense controllers will automatically power down too.

Use a gaming headset

The PlayStation VR2 comes with a dedicated pair of in-ear headphones, which clip into the rear of the headband and dangle down either side for easy access during play. However, you can also plug your own headset into the 3.5mm audio port on the band. This way you will get an even better virtual surround experience – especially with 3D Audio technology supported.

Sony PlayStation VR2: Early playtime with the next-gen VR system in Horizon Call of the Mountain photo 13

It is advised that you use a wired headset (or the wire than comes with your wireless headphones) to reduce latency or any audio delay.

Find your controllers using see-through view mode

As well as track your Sense controllers, the cameras on the front of the PSVR2 can be used to see your surroundings in “see-through view mode”. This is presented in black and white but is particularly useful to find where your Sense controllers are and pick them up,

PlayStation VR2-9


You just need to press the function button on the underside of the headset to activate see-through view mode, even when playing a game. It is situated to the right of the power button.

Adjust the screen brightness

If the default setting for the OLED display in the headset is too bright for you, you can turn down the brightness in the PlayStation 5’s settings.


Pocket-lint / Sony Interactive Entertainment

Just head to Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Screen Brightness and move the slider to the left.

Change the function button to mute the microphone instead

The default setting for the function button on the bottom of the headset is to activate see-through view mode. However, you can change it to mute the microphone instead, so others can’t hear you talk.

Pocket-lint / Sony Interactive Entertainment

To do so head to Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Function Button Assignment click on it and you’ll be presented with the option of the two different features it can control.

Expand the screen size in Cinematic Mode

When not playing a game, the PS5 homescreen will appear as a floating 2D display inside the headset. This can also be used to view movies and TV shows, such as streamed via Netflix for a personal viewing experience.

You can actually increase the screen size too, so giving yourself a larger picture to look at.

To do so, just head to Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Screen Size and move the slider to the right, Moving it to the left makes it smaller again.

Recentre your view

As with all VR headsets, you can often find that the viewpoint isn’t necessarily in the centre of your vision. To recentre it on PSVR2 just press and hold the options button on the right Sense controller (the little oblong button next to the thumbstick.

Set a timer for your headset to power down

You can ensure that your PlayStation VR2 headset doesn’t stay on while not in use through setting a timer to turn it off automatically.


Pocket-lint / Sony Interactive Entertainment

The default time is 30 minutes but you can change this to 10 or 60 minutes instead. Alternatively, you can choose to have it remain on indefinitely, even when not worn.

Head to Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2 > Set Time Until Your VR Headset Turns Off and select the new option there.

More to come…

These are some of the best tips we’ve found so far, but we’ll continue looking for more and will add them to this list. Come back again to find out more in the near future.


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