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Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review: Another lightweight gem

When it comes to lightweight gaming mice Glorious has been leading the way for a while. The company has had several iterations of wired and wireless lightweight mice including the original Model O, the Model D and the Model I.

Now the company is back with the Glorious Model O2, an updated and improved version of the award-winning Model O.

As you might have gathered from all the holes, the Model O2 is an ultralight-weight mouse – but it’s more than that. It also has an improved sensor, redesigned buttons and custom switches.


So what’s it like to game with? We’ve been trying it out to find out.

Glorious Model O2 wireless


Glorious Model O2

The Glorious Model O2 wireless is another superlight weight mouse with high-end specs but a reasonable price tag. 


  • Super specs for the money
  • Superbly lightweight
  • Great looking
  • Comfortable and capable

  • Battery life doesn’t meet the claims
  • Body is a bit slimline

Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review 6

More than just holes

  • Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical sensor
  • 650 IPS max speed, 50G max acceleration, 26,000 max DPI
  • 1 mm – 2 mm lift-off distance
  • 6 remappable buttons
  • Glorious Switches

Outwardly the draw of the wireless Glorious Model O2 might be its 68-gram lightweight shell.

When we first got it out of the box the size and shape of this mouse immediately reminded us of the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless and that mouse has a similar heft to it as well.

Naturally, this lightweight design combined with the 100% PTFE feet means it’s easy to flick around the desk and doesn’t tax the wrist either. But while the Aerox 3 catches the eye with its RGB lighting, the Model O2 grabs the attention with what you don’t see.

Glorious has upgraded the internals so the Model O2 has a higher max DPI, increased tracking speed and improved battery life as well. This new and improved Model O has a new sensor that offers more accuracy and provides enhanced tracking too.

Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review 4a

The main switches of the Glorious Model O2 have been improved too, with an updated hinge system and some subtle yet pleasant grooves on the buttons that make it more comfortable to hold.

The Model O2 offers a crisp response from the switches with satisfying clicks and accurate actuation. Even the side thumb buttons have a similarly satisfying click to them.

The mouse wheel has a pleasantly quiet response but with a subtle tactile feel. So the Model O2 wireless ticks plenty of boxes immediately.

Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review 8

It is quite low slung though and verges on being a small-to-medium sized mouse. We think if you’re a claw gripper this won’t be a problem but for people who prefer a palm grip style it might be an issue.

A small mouse with small problems

  • 110 hrs (2.4Ghz), 210 hrs (Bluetooth 5.2 LE) battery life
  • 2m / 6.5ft Ascended Cable
  • Three onboard custom profile

Glorious says it has upgraded the battery life this time around, making bold claims of “up to” 210 hours of battery life via Bluetooth 5.2.

The Model O2 comes equipped with a 2.4GHz dongle for lag-free wireless gaming but you can also flick the switch on the underside to swap to Bluetooth mode.

Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review 2

By default, the Model O2 is set to a low-RGB brightness mode to help maintain that battery life and it’s worth sticking with that, because otherwise you will suffer.

We found during our use that we were having to plug the Model O2 in more often than we’d expected, but obviously, that’ll vary with your personal use. You can adjust the brightness with a few different button clicks or with the Glorious Core software. One bonus of the RGB lighting is it will flash red when the mouse is running low.

The Model O2 has a floppy detachable USB-C cable but weirdly Glorious has designed this so it’s only possible to plug it in one way around. Which is a strange design choice and can be mildly frustrating if you want to plug in in a hurry. You can carry on using it while it’s connected so you can charge and game at the same time so there are no problems there.

We didn’t have any issues with the signal though and found the Model O2 was responsive and accurate, even during fast-paced gaming sessions.

Glorious Model O2 wireless gaming mouse review 9c


We thoroughly appreciate the upgrades offered by the Glorious Model O2 wireless. It’s clearly a great mouse in a number of ways with satisfying button action, high-end specs and a fast frame, but it’s not perfect. The battery life is a nag for us, but we have seen this issue with other wireless mice. Ultimately, some compromise always has to be made for the sake of lightness and RGB.

It is a good quality gaming mouse though, especially for this amount of money. So if you like Glorious products then you’ll enjoy this one for sure.


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