Thursday, June 13, 2024

Google Docs Is Getting Even Smarter Suggestions

If you’ve gotten the hang of smart chips and smart canvas features in Google Docs, they can truly be a gamechanger. They integrate your document with other Google services, let you pull data more easily, and make your document feel more alive. Now, we’re getting even more of them.

Google has announced the addition of a few new chips to Google Docs and Google Sheets. These will help you better integrate places and finances into your documents, and there’s a tiny stopwatch you can embed on your documents. You can also add dates on sheets more easily with a new, revamped date picker that lets you add dates with words like “today,” “tomorrow,” or “yesterday.”

These new chips aim to greatly improve your workflow and add data more easily, whether you’re working with a document or a spreadsheet. In addition, the stopwatch seems useful for helping you stay focused while you’re working on something.

These features are set to roll out to everyone within the next two weeks, so you should keep an eye out for them.

Source: Google


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