Friday, May 24, 2024

Google reveals new video-generation AI tool, Veo, which it claims is the ‘most capable’ yet – and even Donald Glover loves it

Google has unveiled its latest video-generation AI tool, named Veo, at its Google I/O 2024 live event. Veo is described as offering “improved consistency, quality, and output resolution” compared to previous models – and it’s one of the more intriguing announcements from this year’s Google I/O show.

Generating video content with AI is nothing new; tools like Synthesia, Colossyan, and Lumiere have been around for a little while now, riding the wave of generative AI’s current popularity. Veo is only the latest offering, but it promises to deliver a more advanced video-generation experience than ever before.

Google IO 2024

Donald Glover invited Google to his creative studio at Gilga Farm, California, to make a short film together. (Image credit: Google)

To showcase Veo, Google recruited a gang of software engineers and film creatives, led by actor, musician, writer, and director Donald Glover (of Community and Atlanta fame) to produce a short film together. The film wasn’t actually shown at I/O, but Google promises that it’s “coming soon”.


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