Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Google’s Pixel Watch 2 to Sport a Vital Temperature Sensor

Although Google has already revealed a lot concerning the Pixel Watch 2’s design and launch date, the company has remained mum on notable changes that will debut with the high-end smartwatch. This stand has not prevented new leaks from appearing, though. A brand new rumor points to one of the major additions to the Pixel Watch 2—a temperature sensor or thermometer which could function similarly as the Fitbit Sense 2 (review).

According to the source by 9to5Google, Google’s Pixel Watch 2 will share the same biometric sensor as the Fitbit Sense 2. This was also confirmed with the teasers the company released last week, when the 2nd Pixel Watch bore a different array of components on its bottom compared to the original Pixel Watch (review). It notably included a cEDA scanner for stress management in addition to the ECG and PPG sensors. 

How will the temperature sensor work on the Google Pixel Watch 2?

In addition, the Pixel Watch 2 is said to incorporate a temperature sensor. It was not mentioned what its specific function is or how it will be utilized within the smartwatch. However, it is safe to assume this will be able to detect a user’s skin temperature as an on-demand feature and be further integrated using different health monitoring tools such as menstrual cycle tracking for women.

It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 5 also feature a temperature sensor, which has only been activated recently to provide an ever expanding degree of wellbeing tracking for users. Apart from the Pixel Watch 2, the Pixel 8 Pro will also receive a thermometer feature. However, it remains unclear whether the two sensors from the handset and the wearable are going to function in the same manner.

Google Pixel Watch 2
Like the Fitbit Sense 2, the Google Pixel Watch 2 also has a cEDA sensor installed. / © Google | edit by nextpit

Other Google Pixel Watch 2 features

The same source mentioned that there are vital enhancements to the Pixel Watch 2’s safety features that will hit the timepiece, too. It was rumored the Pixel Watch 2 would be able to display a wearer’s medical information that would be accessible to first responders in an event where a connected Pixel smartphone detected a car crash or similar emergency.

Google’s safety features for its Pixel phones will also be carried over the Pixel Watch 2. For instance, sharing your location with your contacts from the watch will be supported. The same applies to the Safety Check, where a contact is given permission to check up on your whereabouts and status. If you fail to respond within the allocated time, the watch will be able to send your latest coordinates to the contact and initiate an emergency call.

It is notable that this is the same feature known as Check In on iPhones that was introduced in iOS 17 by Apple. However, the iPhone manufacturer has integrated it with the Messages app.

Google is set to announce the Pixel Watch 2 which carries same domed glass display next month. Do you expect the new smartwatch to be powered by a more efficient and faster Snapdragon W5 chipset alongside a quicker USB charging speed? Likewise, what other specifications or features do you look forward to seeing most on the new Pixel Watch 2?


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