Monday, May 20, 2024
Smart Phones

Google’s top-notch Pixel Buds Pro are back on sale at a top-notch 30 percent discount

Do you love all things Google? Is there anything left in your bank account after claiming the latest deal on the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, or 7a handsets? Are you considering the discounted Pixel Buds A-Series but would prefer something with a bit more oomph?

Then get ready to splash the a little cash on the premium Pixel Buds Pro, which are once again marked down by a solid $60 from a $199.99 list price at both Amazon and Best Buy. This 30 percent cut is not totally unprecedented, but it’s only been offered a couple of times before and surpassed once (as far as we know) for a very limited time by Amazon exclusively for its Prime subscribers.
You don’t need anything of that sort this time around to enjoy the substantial discount on your favorite color option out of a nice quartet that includes charcoal (aka black), coral (aka pink), fog (aka light blue), and lemongrass (aka green) flavors.

Active noise cancellation is of course the Pixel Buds Pro’s key selling point and main advantage over the aforementioned mid-range Pixel Buds A-Series, although the overall audio quality is also pretty great (especially for under 150 bucks), and the battery life looks virtually impossible to beat (at least on paper), at up to 11 hours of uninterrupted listening time and a combined endurance rating of 31 hours when taking the bundled wireless charging case into consideration as well.

Are these bad boys the absolute best wireless earbuds money can buy right now? That’s obviously a very subjective assessment hinging among others on your personal love for brands like Google, Samsung, Sony, and Apple, but what’s crystal clear is that the Pixel Buds Pro’s value equation at 60 bucks under their regular price is extremely difficult to trump. Especially if you also happen to own a Google-made smartphone.


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