Monday, July 15, 2024
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Halo Infinite’s new Season 3 trailer is actually pretty damn good

What you need to know

  • Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has released a new trailer for the game’s third season, Echoes Within.
  • The trailer shows several high-tech cosmetics from Season 3’s 100-tier Battle Pass, a new Big Team Battle map, two new Arena maps, a new fan-made Forge map that might come to the game’s Forge matchmaking playlist, and a Gun Game-style mode called Extraction Slayer.
  • The trailer also includes snippets of Season 3’s narrative cutscenes, in which Spartan Dinh from Season 2 is presumably “infected” by the Banished AI Iratus. Iratus appears to take control of his armor and body, which may hint at the arrival of the Infection mode or the PvE Extraction mode that was previously leaked.

Ahead of its scheduled arrival on March 7, a trailer for Halo Infinite’s third season, Echoes Within, has been shared by developer 343 Industries. In it, fans are given a first look at the content additions coming to the game with Season 3, along with hints about its narrative content. You can watch it in the embed below.

First up: cosmetics. Like earlier seasons, Season 3 will feature a new 100-tier Battle Pass filled with customization items for players to earn and equip on their Spartans. While the trailer didn’t show off a ton of these unlocks, the ones that can be seen appear to be very high-tech in nature, with lots of visible wires, holograms, and other fancy gear. These armor unlocks will likely be attached to a new armor core or two, as previous ones have been.


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