Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Halo is ‘here to stay’ at 343 Industries, says studio head

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently announced mass layoffs at the company, and Halo developer 343 Industries was reportedly heavily impacted.
  • The sudden layoffs sparked rampant speculation on the now-shaky future of the Halo franchise under 343i.
  • On Saturday, 343i studio head Pierre Hintze released a public statement that “Halo and Master Chief are here to stay.”
  • The incredibly short statement goes on to say that 343i will “continue to develop Halo now and in the future.”

The future of the Halo franchise, one of Xbox’s most legendary gaming IPs, has been a subject of much debate on the internet after it was revealed that Halo developer 343 Industries was heavily impacted by Microsoft’s recent layoff announcements. On Saturday, studio head Pierre Hintze attempted to assuage concerns with a short public statement on the topic.

The public statement, posted to the Halo Twitter account and accredited to Hintze, simply reads: “Halo and Master Chief are here to stay. 343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now and in the future, including epic stories, multiplayer, and more of what makes Halo great.”


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