Wednesday, April 17, 2024

How Ducati is gearing up for the electric era

Cazzoli, when pressed on using specific powertrains for different segments, highlighted that this was a further element to consider, adding that an electric powertrain may have a better use-case for smaller machines. 

“An electric powertrain for a scooter makes quite a lot of sense because users are typically riding around a city, but if you’re thinking about a (Ducati) Multistrada, a long-distance cruiser, an electric powertrain wouldn’t work.

“You don’t want to ride for 100 miles then have to stop and charge for two-three hours; that would not be a clever way of producing an electric motorbike. 

“We have to be open, we have to look at the landscape and come up with a viable proposition that is also affordable as well.”

A different approach to mobilityDucati is clearly not willing to rush into the electric era, remaining cautious in its quest to offer an electric motorbike. And although an electric Ducati motorbike is still some way off, the firm has widened its horizons through e-scooters and e-bikes.

It is worth noting that Ducati’s e-scooters are branded, licensed products manufactured by Super Soco, but as Cazzoli explained, the need for Ducati to adapt to changes in transportation. 

“We are living in a world where mobility can be done using a combination of tools, and in relation to e-scooters and e-bikes, Ducati has adapted to the needs of the population,” says the Ducati UK boss. 

“The e-bikes are a perfect example of this because they completely fulfil the philosophy and values of Ducati. We also recently extended into road e-bikes with the Futa, which is a fantastic product.”

Ducati MG-20 e-bike review

Looking ahead to the futureTaking into account Ducati’s MotoE project and its experimental V21L electric motorbike, it would be wrong to suggest that the fabled Italian outfit is shying away from electrification; far from it in fact. 


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