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How to create an AI LinkedIn headshot with this viral TikTok trend

Viral TikTok trends are often fleeting, but every so often, there’s a gem that’s both fun and practical. The AI LinkedIn headshot-generation trend is one such rare find. If you’ve ever grimaced at the cost and uncertainty of a professional photoshoot for a LinkedIn picture, this trend might be your saving grace.

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AI LinkedIn headshot


How to create an AI LinkedIn headshot

An AI-powered app called Remini is going viral on TikTok for its ability to transform ordinary selfies into polished headshots. It’s taking off now largely thanks to this TikTok video by a user named Grace. With an impressive 40 million views (as of August 2023) and the caption, “Using this trend to get a new LinkedIn headshot,” Grace’s video highlights the remarkable difference between her initial photos and the Remini-enhanced versions.

​​​​​​Here’s how to use Remini’s AI Photos feature to create your own LinkedIn headshots in a few minutes. You need an account and have to sign up for a trial.

Set up your Remini account

  1. Download the Remini app. It’s available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Launch the app and tap on the “get started” button.
  3. You’ll be directed to a subscription page. You can opt for a free three-day trial. If you don’t cancel after those three days, it’ll cost you $10 per week.
  4. Allow Remini access to your photos. It’ll need 8 to 12 clear, well-lit shots of your face.

Generate your headshot

  1. Open the Remini app.
  2. Tap on “AI Photos” located at the bottom of the main screen.
  3. Select “Generate my photos” and choose 8 to 12 pre-selected images.
  4. Specify your gender and then browse through the available model choices to set your headshot’s mood.
  5. Wait for a brief moment; the app will generate your image. For real-time updates, ensure your notifications are on.
  6. Once done, you’ll be presented with six different photo variants. Swipe through, and save your preferred versions.

These headshots can of course be used for other professional platforms, personal websites, or any place you’d like to put a professional foot forward.

AI LinkedIn headshot


Is Remini good at creating headshots with AI?

Remini is primarily known for enhancing and restoring old or low-quality photos, although it has gained significant attention for its ability to create LinkedIn headshots using AI. But the effectiveness of using Remini for LinkedIn headshots varies on your preferences and the quality of the original photos used.

I was surprised at how accurately the AI captured my likeness, especially my hair color and pattern and the life in my eyes, right out of the gate. The first AI headshots it created genuinely looked like me. However, there were instances later when the results were more unexpected — like the AI presenting me with hairstyles I hadn’t chosen. Some of the models I could try also resulted in photos that looked nothing like me.

But considering you can obtain at least one quality headshot by just submitting a handful of photos, Remini seems promising. I find the $10 weekly fee a bit excessive, but it could be a fun thing to try if you get the free trial, acquire the headshots you want, and then cancel your subscription.

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Are there any alternatives to Remini?

Yes. There are alternatives to Remini for creating LinkedIn profile photos using AI. Some of the most popular alternatives include:

  1. Try It On AI: Offers a collection of 100 AI-generated headshots for a fee.
  2. AI SuitUp: Promises high-quality headshots tailored for LinkedIn for a. fee.

There’s no denying that AI is reshaping even the simplest aspects of our lives, like taking a good photo. Whether you choose Remini or another app, there’s a wealth of AI-powered tools waiting to save you time, effort, and maybe even a bit of cash. However, remember the goal is authenticity. While it’s tempting to opt for the ultra-glamorous AI render that gives you a surprising green bob, you might want to stick closer to your natural look for platforms like LinkedIn. Happy headshot hunting!


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