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How to factory reset your Meta Quest 2 or Quest 3 headset

Key Takeaways

  • Factory resetting your Meta Quest 2 or 3 is essential before selling it, as it deletes personal information and saves time compared to manual deletion.
  • A factory reset is also a good way to solve software issues with your headset, as a last resort.
  • You can factory reset your headset using the Meta Quest app on your phone or directly from the headset itself.

The Meta Quest 2 has long been one of our favourite VR headsets, but now that the Quest 3 has arrived, you might be looking to sell your older hardware, and if you do, you’ll definitely want to perform a factory reset.

As great as the Quest 3 is, it’s not immune to issues, and if something’s not working as it should, a factory reset might help resolve your problems. The process to carry out a factory reset on your Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 is fairly straightforward. So stick with us, and we’ll guide you through the steps.

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Factory Reset Quest 3

How to factory reset Quest 2 and 3 with your phone

Before you start it’s worth noting that factory resetting your Quest headset will delete all your downloaded games and remove all your personal information. So be sure this is what you want to do before starting the process.

One of the ways to factory reset your headset is with the Meta Quest app on either your Android phone or Apple iPhone. If the app is already connected to your Quest headset and both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network then this process is simple:

  1. Firstly open the Meta Quest app on your smartphone
  2. Select your headset from the drop-down menu at the top of the Horizon feed
  3. Ensure your headset is turned on and connected
  4. Choose Headset settings at the bottom of the page
  5. Tap Advanced settings
  6. Then choose Factory reset and confirm by choosing Yes

How to factory reset using your Quest 2 or Quest 3

If you’d rather factory reset directly from your headset itself, you can do that, too.

  1. Make sure your headset is turned off
  2. Hold both the power and volume down buttons at the same time until you see the boot screen on the headset
  3. Use the volume buttons to move through the menu and highlight Factory reset
  4. Press the power button to select it
  5. Use the volume buttons to navigate to agree to the reset and click the power button to start the process

Oculus Quest 2 review headset photos photo 1Why should you factory reset before selling your headset?

In a lot of ways, a Quest headset is very much like your phone or PC, it has your personal files, login information, browsing history and more. Unless you’ve literally never used it, then performing a factory reset is an essential step before your headset makes its way to its new home.

Sure, you could manually log out and delete files, but factory resetting is extremely easy and will save you a lot of time. So just follow the steps above for ultimate peace of mind.

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Factory resetting didn’t solve my issue, what’s next?

A full factory reset is a pretty surefire way to solve software issues, so if you’re still having issues with your Quest headset, it’s likely the hardware that’s at fault.

Still, it’s worth exhausting the options outlined in Meta’s troubleshooting guide before contacting Meta support directly. Otherwise, you can contact the retailer that you purchased the headset from, as it may still be under warranty.


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