Monday, June 24, 2024
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How to get ‘Circle to Search’ feature on any Android smartphone

Circle to Search has been poised as an exclusive feature for Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series and Google Pixel 8 series phones. The feature uses the Google Lens app to run a search with a simple gesture and a scribble, tap or circle on top of any app. The idea is to provide users with the option to search anywhere and anything, be it something in an image, video or document.

The Circle to Search feature is currently available on Galaxy S24 series phones and Pixel 8 series phones. The good thing is that there’s a workaround for the feature that allows users to replicate the same functionality of search, minus the option to manually circle or scribble on any Android smartphone.

In this guide, we will tell you a step-by-step guide on how to get this feature on any smartphone.

What is this feature?Google Assistant, uses Google Lens, to run a screen search and it can trigger this function on top of any app. We checked this feature while browning Instagram and it worked without any issues. The feature is “Screen Search” and it is available via the Screen Search voice command and a quick shortcut when triggering Google Assistant via Hey Google or Ok Google.

The only limitation and the function of the Circle to Search feature that is not available is the ability to circle or scribble something to run the search. However, you can tap on anything on the screen and Google will search for that for you. It works on top of any app, with no restrictions, the same as the Circle to Search.

How to get this feature and use it to search anywhereThere’s no rocket science in getting this feature. All you have to do is set up Google Assistant on your Android phone and you are all set.

Once your Google Assistant is set up properly, simply start using the apps as you do. The moment you feel like looking up something on the screen, say Hey Google or Ok Google and tap on the “Screen Search” option or “say Screen Search”.


Google Assistant will trigger the search by scanning the content of the current screen. You can then tap any area on the screen to highlight it and Google will search it for you to give the relevant result.


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