Sunday, July 14, 2024

How to install the iOS 18 and iPadOS developer betas

Before we get started, a word of warning: beta software — especially early developer beta — is inherently unfinished and may contain bugs. Think carefully before installing either on any device you depend on. They also may not include all of the features that will be in the final release. Your experience may differ from others depending on the apps you use. And finally, if you do decide to install it, we suggest backing up your device’s data in case things go badly.

The new iOS not only offers the usual plethora of cool new features but eventually will include Apple Intelligence, Apple’s new AI system that, according to the company, will be available this fall. Meanwhile, other new features include a more customizable homescreen and Control Center, the ability to require authorization for specific apps, a more expressive Messages app, and a heavily revamped Photos app.

According to Apple, iOS 18 / iPadOS 18 will work on the following devices. (However, the beta of Apple Intelligence, when it’s available this fall, will only work in US English on the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the iPad and Mac with M1 and later.)

Apple has made it easier than ever to install beta releases of iOS and iPadOS. Here’s what you do. (These instructions are for iOS, but iPadOS is pretty much the same):


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